Do Ghosts Really Exist? Let’s Decide Once And For All!

1: Do ghosts really exist or not? Let’s decide once and for all in this thread.

2: What do you think?

7: >>2 I don’t think they exist. But to be honest, they scare me.

3: I don’t think they exist, but I don’t think it would be strange if they did either.

6: They don’t exist.

11: >>6 I wonder. I personally don’t think they exist. I don’t know anyone who’s seen one either.

10: With today’s science they can’t exist, but on the other hand, as things progress maybe we’ll find evidence that they do exist.

12: >>10 Mirages and hitodama have been scientifically proven, hey?

14: I’d like to hear from those who do think they exist.

15: They exist in people’s consciousness. “When you look at the ghost, it’s just withered grass.” (Translator’s note: In English we might say “The wolf is bigger than it appears.” It’s a saying to denote something appears scary until you get close enough to look at it and realise it’s not.)

24: >>15 Withered grass, huh?

16: They exist.

17: Nobody can prove that they don’t exist. Which means that they do.

20: I’m a ghost, AMA. (Translator’s note: this is a phrase making fun of the “I’m a Ghost, AMA” thread from previous years).

22: I’ve seen one, but they don’t exist. I was just seeing things, and I heard footsteps and other stuff through my sleep paralysis, so it was all just a pile of coincidences.

23: I’ve experienced all sorts of weird things over the years, but I’ve never directly seen a ghost. To be honest, I dunno.

26: We’ll probably be surprised when we die. I reckon it’ll be like, you die and become a ghost and it’s like oh, they do exist!

32: They exist. I have a ghost photo. It wasn’t that the camera was broken or anything, there is absolutely an unrelated person in the photo.

37: >>32 Show us.

42: >>37 Sorry, it’s at my parent’s house. Plus it’s apparently cursed, so I don’t really wanna share it.

54: At any rate, I’ll explain what the photo is. It’s a photo from when I was playing on the jungle gym with my siblings when I was in elementary school. There’s nothing at the bottom of the photo, but you can clearly see the upper torso of a girl (between me and my older sister).

55: We have a ghost photo too. If ghosts do exist, I’ll receive them warmly.

33: You said you wanted to decide once and for all, but neither side can show proof, so there’s no way.

36: VR haunted houses are terrifying. You should try it.

41: Because the word “ghost” exists, so do they. Words have power over life.

44: Have you ever dreamt about walking around your neighbourhood? That’s when your living spirit leaves your body to walk around. You can’t connect with real people in your dreams, but you can feel them, right? Sensitive people can also do that in reality.

46: Dogs, cats, and babies all bark, look at, and laugh at empty places. I think there are probably things that have nothing to do with us.

48: The land of the dead coexists on top of ours. If you lucid dream, you can step one foot into that world. It’s often said that to do that you have to conquer your sleep paralysis first. Although entering the land of the dead carries quite a burden with it.

50: >>48 How do you conquer sleep paralysis?

61: >>50 You have to ride it out without waking up. Normally people get scared so they try to force themselves to wake up, but instead you have to let go and take everything in, and that allows you to beat it. Then, if you don’t wake up, you’ll be able to enter a half-awake lucid dream.

65: >>61 That sounds fun. I’d like to try it sometime.

51: They don’t exist.

57: I’d say they exist, or rather, I can see them. I can see like a haze that other people can’t see. But sometimes it makes me sad. Even I don’t understand it very well.

60: Rather than saying they exist, I hope they exist. Sometimes when I get into bed I can sense a woman sleeping up against me.

66: Ghosts exiiiiisst!

68: Mentally, so like, as an illusion, they exist, so you can say they exist. If you say they don’t, then they don’t. This is the answer.

76: The stuff ghosts are made of doesn’t even exist. It’s just an illusion created by people’s minds. From an idealistic point of view, you have to define what a ghost is or you’ll never get an answer.

78: It’s just people’s perceptions from electric signals firing in the brain that makes them think they see something.

82: Something’s been calling to me all this time. Look behind you, it’s saying.

83: I think they do and don’t exist. When numerous people acknowledge a place as a ghost spot, ghosts can exist. The truth may be unknown, but sightings increase. As a small example, if something happened in the past in the place where I live now and I learn of it, I’ll get creeped out. I’ll start to worry about things happening that I can’t explain. Ghosts are the same as kami, and they can exist through everyone’s combined consciousness or our own self-consciousness.

28: All strange experiences can be explained through plasma!



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