Do Not Face Your Mirrors At Each Other

1. What are you afraid of?

37: The back of your head will be completely visible! Of course you shouldn’t do it!

2: My washroom and bathroom mirrors face each other daily but nothing’s happened.

8: >>2 Try looking in the thirteenth mirror at midnight then (refers to an old superstition that looking in the thirteenth reflection of facing mirrors at midnight will show you your future).

5: When I look in the mirror there’s a monster reflected back.

7: Opposing mirrors are fine, but you shouldn’t drink a cup of water left in front of the mirror late at night for an hour.

15: >>7 I heard something about not drinking water from the bathroom. So then, if I take a bath late at night I can’t drink beer there?

17: I heard if you whistle at night it’ll attract snakes.

19: >>17 It’s because it was a sign used by slavers in the Edo Period.

21: >>19 Huh, you sure know a lot.

22: >>19 Is that so? My gramps told me it would invite demons.

23: You’ll be sucked into the mirror world.

26: Purple mirror!

27: >>26 Stop that.

30: I wanna hear your local superstitions.

31: >>30 Where I’m from, for a fixed period of time only specified people are allowed to eat cucumbers.

32: >>31 There are a lot of food and drink related superstitions, huh.

33: I dunno if it’s a superstition, but we have a legend that works as an easy reminder. The legend of spirits gathering in the water during Obon is because in reality lots of jellyfish appear late in summer.

34: I heard if you pee outside that a fire will start.

38: If you pluck a higanbana, a fire will start.

40: My ma and grandma really hate sleeping with their heads facing north.

41: Bowing in front of the mirror.

42: >>41 No, please, I beg you…

43: >>41 And then turn to the right.

44: >>43 Turn sideways 90 degrees.

20: When I was a student, we were really poor and our landlord was demanding the rent. We asked her to please wait, but she came around complaining about it every day. Even though we were going without food to try and pay it. So I thought I’d show her and asked my friend about how to summon a demon.

“Well, offer them some raw meat in front of opposing mirrors,” he said.

So that very night I sat in front of opposing mirrors with the meat I’d bought with very little money and stared at them all night. Before I knew it, it was morning.

The next morning the landlord came over and said, “I was watching you from outside last night, what were you doing all that time?”

“If you do that, it’ll look like you have even more meat,” I said. That night she brought over sukiyaki for us and even brand new curtains for the house. She suddenly turned real nice and even waited for the rent money. Curses and magic are amazing.



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