Tell Me Some Facts About Death

1: When you die, you become 300 grams lighter.

2: That’s a hoax.

8: Nobody notices you are dead. You don’t recognise you’re dead. At some unknown point, you’ve died.

20: >>8 Right? By the time you’ve realised “ah, I’m dead,” you’ll have become nothing.

11: Even after death your hair and nails will grow for a bit.

13: >>11 That’s just because your skin retracts. They’re not growing.

12: People who understand death are rare. Most endure it with foolishness and practise. So that’s to say people die because they must.

19: That’s scary.

29: Not all of your cells die at once.

31: Heads cut off by guillotine sometimes blink. It’s not because they’re still alive but because the muscles are spasming.

53: If your brain thinks it’s dead, you will die. Like, if you get shot in a dream and your brain thinks it’s real, then you’ll die in your sleep.

54: >>53 I’ve heard that a lot, but I wonder if it’s true?

55: >>53 Well now I can’t sleep, thanks.

57: >>53 I heard if you dream about falling that it can lead to a heart attack as well.

64: >>57 When I wake up from a dream about falling I’m breathing real hard for about 10 seconds, so maybe it’s that, huh?

69: >>57 I heard they did an experiment in India or somewhere where they lightly scratched someone’s wrist and then dripped water the same temperature onto it. When the person heard the sound of the water dripping, they died for real. Maybe it’s like that? To me it sounds a little unbelievable, but you never know.

73: >>69 Huh, why?

75: >>73 It makes them think they’re bleeding a lot of blood, when all they did was light scratch them and then drip water. I dunno if it’s true or not though.

71: Reading this thread has made my chest hurt.

77: Taxi drivers need two types of licenses because they carry people. Hearse drivers only need one because they carry things.

83: The smell of corpses is so bad that it goes beyond smell and into taste.

97: Dead bodies aren’t allowed to travel in public vehicles.

99: >>97 Why?

103: >>99 There’s a chance they’ll spread germs.

120: >>97 What if you die in one?

132: >>120 As long as a doctor hasn’t pronounced you dead yet then it’s fine. It’s for those that are already dead.

108: At the moment of cremation, the fire is so hot that it’s shocked some people back to life. Meaning sometimes people are burned alive.

111: >>108 I’m gonna go for ground burial then…

117: >>111 They often find scratch marks inside coffins you know.

112: I wonder if there’s an emergency stop button inside the cremation machine?

118: >>112 There should be a staff member watching it from the outside. In Japan, anyway.

110: How many litres of blood do you have to lose before you die?

122: >>110 A human body, male, holds about four litres and I think it’s like 40% or 50% of that.

140: Apparently there was a prisoner in death row in Japan where they tied a rope around his neck and carried out the sentence but he survived. Because the sentence had been carried out they had to let him go free in the end. No matter how you look at it, it sounds unbelievable, but it’s also fantastical.

142: >>140 Being able to hang by the neck like that for 20 or 30 minutes is amazing though.

143: >>142 I thought they only hung them for 5 minutes?

149: >>143 Is it really that short? I thought it was longer.

161: It’s a lie that if you can survive the noose for five minutes then you can go free in Japan. They will wait however long it takes for you to die.

175: The idea that nothing exists after death is the same as believing that you go to heaven after you die.

176: >>175 So then what happens?

178: >>176 Nobody can prove what happens after death. That we become nothing or we go to heaven are just ideas.

181: I heard that our consciousness is just our brain cells working together. Death is just when that stops.

194: What is this thread, I’m scared.

195: It might have already been mentioned, but apparently there are cases of people receiving organ transplants and taking on the memories and ideas of the donor. So wouldn’t that mean that we’re thinking with our entire bodies?

198: >>195 Maybe it’s like an aura put out by our heart, and it’s that aura that gets transferred and mixed with the new person?

227: Are we

229: >>227 Depends on your definition of alive. If you mean breathing and with a metabolism, then we’re alive. If you want to get more philosophical about what it means to be alive, then some of us are probably dead.

250: Life is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions. We control things through electrical impulses. When you think about it like that, life and death are nothing special.

253: >>250 Doesn’t that make it even stranger? Thinking about what the difference is in chemical makeup before and after you die is exciting, isn’t it?

364: Just between you and me, everyone posting in this thread will be dead in 100 years.

372: I heard there was a scientist somewhere who had a 100 year calendar. While looking at it and wondering which of the dates he would die on, he got so scared that he killed himself that very day.

23: When do you think a person dies? When they’re shot in the heart by a gun? Wrong! When they suffer from an incurable illness? Wrong! When they drink a poisonous mushroom soup? Wrong! They die… when others forget who they are!



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