Who Is The Strongest Yokai?

1: No one single yokai immediately comes to mind as the strongest, huh?

3: It’s gotta be the nine-tailed kitsune.

4: Yamata no Orochi.

6: It’s Nurarihyon.

36: >>6 All he does is enter peoples’ homes and drinks tea, so why?

264: >>36 Well the fact he can do just that is amazing. Which is to say it’s probably because of the Kitaro anime.

15: Gotta be the nine-tailed kitsune or Nurarihyon.

23: Demons are just the gods of the side who lost a religious battle. Yokai have nothing to do with any of that.

42: Has to be Daidarabotchi.

94: If you had to say one way or the other, Daidara is a god, you can’t say he’s a yokai.

48: What’s the name of the big skeleton thing?

65: >>48 Gashadokuro came around after the war so it’s a recent yokai.

58: It’s Back Beard.

60: God -> Yahweh.
Angel -> Lucifer.
Demon -> Satan.
Yokai -> Uh, Kitaro! Lol

112: The foes Nube hasn’t defeated:

Nine-tailed kitsune
Yamata no Orochi

Gotta be these.

129: Satan’s a small fry.

141: Emperor Sutoku.

150: >>141 He’s one of the Big Three Onryo isn’t he?

164: Is Tamamo-no-Mae a yokai?

281: >>164 That’s a tough one. She’s depicted like a monster but her existence is more like a god.

216: I think Yamata no Orochi and the nine-tailed kitsune are the strongest.

244: A lot of yokai are actually good though huh.

253: Yamata no Orochi -> Oh, nice.
Nine-tailed kitsune -> Oh yeah, good one.
Nurarihyon -> Uh…

302: Wasn’t there a god that could end the world just by closing their eyes?

350: >>302 Vishnu.

367: On that note, who would be the strongest Buddha? Although Buddhism doesn’t really have a war-like image.

391: >>367 Fudo Myo-o?

379: I dunno if you can call him a yokai but Yamata no Orochi has charisma.

512: The Norse had the best naming sense. The Indian myths are the most chaotic. The Greeks were the most visual. There’s so much variety to enjoy, it’s great.

609: Isn’t Ryujin the strongest? I dunno if he’s a yokai though.

125: Okawa Ryuho is the strongest, game over.

440: This world is just a dream of the gods, so once they wake up it’ll all be over.



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