I’m a Ghost, AMA

Bold marks original poster’s replies.


1: I’m not hateful.

7: What do you normally do?

9: How did you die?

10: >>7 I float.
>> 9 Let’s just say I didn’t blow myself up.

18: You’re kidding, right?

19: >>18 I’m sadly not. My funeral was quite a moving affair.

20: Upload your funeral clothes.

22: >>20 My phone burned with me, but it would seem I couldn’t bring it here with me anyway. Maybe it was too hard to fix or something, but they put me in my most expensive suit.

29: Why do you have a PC?

33: >>29 How can I put it, it’s not like I’m actually typing, it’s like I just directly put the sentences in.

38: So you really don’t have any legs then?

43: >>38 That’s a lie. I have all my limbs, as though I wasn’t injured at all.

49: How long have you been a ghost?

52: >>49 Not even a week has passed since my consciousness returned.

51: What did it feel like when you died?

61: >>51 Thankfully, I don’t remember any pain. It was like everything kinda faded away. Next thing I knew, I was here.

121: Can you touch things?

128: >>121 I can touch the presence (?) of things, but I can’t lift them or anything like that. Seems I’m not able to do that.

125: How does it feel to float? Like a cloud? Or is it the same as if you were standing?

136: >>125 If I focus on it, it’s like I’m walking along the ground. If I don’t, it’s like floating, like I’m not touching anything. Sorry I can’t explain it very well.

171: What do you look forward to (hobbies) the most? Aren’t you tired replying to all these answers?

190: >>171 I like reading books and using the internet. I also enjoy watching people now, but it can be tiring, and if I’m interrupted while I’m concentrated, it’s like everything blurs. So I just watch as long as I can.

192: Can you remember your life while alive? Like when you were a kid, the stuff you liked, etc?

212: >>192 If I try to remember, I can remember. They’re just like normal memories, I guess. Although I can remember quicker now than when I was alive.

341: Do you know when and where you died? Not that you’d be able to say it, then we’d be able to look for it in the newspaper and such…

392: >>341 The accident made the news, so they probably used my full name, so I’d rather not say anything. Sorry.

457: Are there other ghosts around you?

492: >>457 I’ve seen a few that I think are ghosts, yeah.

464: Is there someone you’d like to see again?

520: >>464 Well if there’s someone I want to see again, I can just go and do that. But it was so sudden that, if possible, I’d like to speak to my family again so I can apologise.

511: Are you limited to a certain area? Like if you try to move through a wall, do you slam into it?

565: >>511 No, I can move around freely, but it’s not like I can teleport or anything. But I can only go to places that I’ve already been to before.



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