My Sister Can See Ghosts, AMA

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1: She can apparently see them quite well.

2: Put your sister on.

3: >>3 She’s at our parents’ house.

4: What type of ghosts?

7: >>4 She can see them but she can’t. It’s like for a second she can see something shine and she knows it’s there. It keeps going like that.

9: >>7 Are they evil? Do they look like humans?

11: >>9 I’ve never heard of them doing anything bad. Although she sometimes says so. I dunno if they look like people either.

5: So it’s not you then?

8: >>5 I can’t see ghosts. Apparently our grandma could. My sister didn’t believe in ghosts but stuff happened and now she does.

14: >>8 What happened? Tell us.

12: Your family’s schizo, huh?

13: >>12 I thought so too.

17: >>13 No, they really could be. A lot of those day-dreamer traits are apparently passed down genetically.

21: >>17 That really is what I thought too. But listening to her stories, I can’t help but believe her.

22: >>21 Tell us a quick one.

23: >>22 I went back home for the summer holidays and when it was time to leave my sister told me to stay one more day. I told her I had plans already but she wouldn’t listen so I gave in. The next day our grandpa died. When I pressed her about it, she confessed.

24: >>23 How normal.

25: >>24 Seeing it right in front of my eyes sure was a shock.

27: I used to think ghosts were nonsense but it scared the crap outta me.

29: One time my sister went to Okinawa for a school trip and she passed out in front of the Himeyuri Memorial Tower. I thought maybe it was anemia or something but apparently it was something much more dangerous.

30: Ghost stories have run their course now, they’re boring.

31: >>30 I thought the same myself, so I get why people don’t believe in them.

34: I often visit graveyards to eat lunch and then visit shrines but nothing has ever happened to me. They’re not real.

38: >>34 What do you want me to do with that information?

42: >>38 I’m saying that ghosts and curses don’t exist.

43: >>42 I don’t think curses exist, no. I’ve never heard of any.

46: >>43 But you’re the one trying to tell us ghosts exist, aren’t you? That they’re just something we can see.

51: >>46 No, I never said they exist. But my sister definitely sees something dangerous.

47: When I went out on a test of courage I heard an old man groaning. It freaked me out and I ran. And I saw fireballs in my friend’s garden as I passed on the way. When I asked him about it the next day he looked at me like ??? so I think ghosts exist.

52: >>47 Fireballs are those things, right? Phosphorus that’s been lit up in the air.

49: I also have a somewhat strong sixth sense and can unconsciously feel things. One time a friend who could see ghosts said there was one right there as I felt something and it terrified me.

53: >>49 I can’t sense anything. I went to a ghost spot on my bike by myself once but there was nothing there.

56: >>53 You probably brought something back with you.

60: >>56 There was nothing, so safe. It was terrifying but nothing supernatural happening.

61: >>53 How nice, you’re brave. I don’t believe in ghosts or anything, but my head feels heavy when I’m in graveyards and such. Maybe I’m just super aware of it though.

66: >>61 I dunno if I’m brave, I was terrified. But if ghosts are real, wouldn’t you wanna see one? I’m just real curious I guess. My head has never felt heavy either, maybe it’s a problem with your mood.

72: >>66 Could be. But I can feel stuff I can’t see, so I make sure to never go to ghost spots…

75: >>72 There’s a saying, right? When you think you’ve seen a ghost but it’s just some dried up grass. It’s like, if you really think something is there, you’ll see it even if it isn’t.

57: You’re just trolling.

63: >>57 I used to love reading stories like this on the net all the time thinking that they were trolls. Seeing something right before your eyes though is something else.

59: Voices and such are generally just natural things like animals or the wind. Deer make great ghosts, their cries sound just like a female ghost.

65: >>59 If you search for it I think you’ll find it, but there was that video on the news right with the voice saying, “It really hurts… why me…” But I think that was probably just the voices of the bereaved family. I reckon most things are like that.

67: >>65 Wasn’t that fake? Anyway, all I know is the voice that apparently appeared in the Kaguyahime (?) play that said, “I want to go there too.”

69: >>67


Found it. What do you think? I think it’s the voice of a family member at the scene.

70: >>69 Those who don’t like such things should take note.

77: >>69 Unrelated, but that place has the same name as where I live so it freaked me out for a moment. Isn’t it just the voice of a family member? Sounds like someone crying though.

64: I used to believe in ghosts but I’ve been to various ghost spots and never seen any, so I decided it’s all gotta be a lie.

71: >>64 I’m curious so I travel to lots of places too.

96: Do primitive men, earthworms, Tyrannosauruses etc have ghosts?

98: >>96 Apparently animals do have ghosts.

103: At the very least she’s seen a hamster ghost.

102: Seriously. I’ve heard of fox and cat ghosts, but I’ve never heard of bugs or reptiles.

108: Do you ever asks murder victims about who killed them?

112: >>108 That would be convenient, huh? But my sister said they don’t speak so she’s never been able to communicate.

117: >>112 So then what do ghosts do when they appear? Just float there?

122: >>117 No, it’s like she can see them but she can’t. Even if she focuses, it’s just like a constant sparkle. This happens to people who are close to death as well.

126: I dunno who said it, but if ghosts really exist, why don’t they show up fully naked in photos?

128: >>126 During sleep paralysis I was once grabbed from behind by a naked old guy. It was like a real dream. I even struggled to breathe.

130: If you were paralysed, how did you know it was a naked old man grabbing you from behind?

134: >>130 Because it was a dream. I could tell it was an old dude by the feel of his skin. You can tell that stuff in dreams, right?

147: I’ve had sleep paralysis before. And old guy whispered “oi!” by my ear and then it stopped.

148: >>147 What’s with all these old dudes and sleep paralysis?



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