Debate Club For Whether Ghosts Exist Or Not

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1: Let’s go.

3: Why won’t they show themselves to me?

6: They exist.

9: I think they exist.

10: I don’t reckon they do.

11: They’re real for those who think they’re real.
They’re not real for those who don’t think they’re real.

21: >>11 That’s a real airy way of going about it. So can I scientifically say they don’t exist?

17: I think that what people think of as ghosts don’t exist.

23: If we assume ghosts exist, then that means they’re creatures of information that reflect the will of the dead.

24: If we suppose that ghosts don’t exist, then how do we explain all the plausible stories of ghosts in and outside of the country?

28: >>24 That’s interesting. Apparently everyone in the past believed in ghosts. Although I don’t agree.

38: >>24 It’s just people’s tendencies to misunderstand.

52: >>24 You just wanna believe there’s a world after death.

120: >>24 The idea of ghosts must have started somewhere and then spread.

121: >>24 Looking at things from a religious point of view, or when people couldn’t explain things scientifically, they blamed it on ghosts.

29: If ghosts don’t exist, it scares me to think about what happens after death, so I want them to be real.

51: I think ghosts exist in Japan but not in America. But even if they do exist there, I think they’re more like monsters that you can physically attack.

70: >>51 I think demons are more common in America than ghosts. In the end, people’s religious views cause a difference of imagination.

54: I believe in ghosts, but I wanted to be sure so I visited all sorts of ghosts spots. All I ever saw were orange floating lights though.

57: If they don’t exist, then what are the sensations and qualia that we’re feeling right now?

62: Is it possible that we’re the ghosts?

72: They exist. But only in our heads. In other words, when our brain bugs out, we see them.

80: Ghosts are hallucinations caused by our fear and common understandings. Meaning you could conceptually say they exist, but scientifically, I dunno…

115: Our thoughts and feelings are all just a gathering of electrical signals. The more you study, the more you realise they can’t exist.

117: If you can continue on as a ghost after death then why are we trying so hard while alive?

134: I dunno. That’s my answer.

137: It’s not about whether they exist or not, it’s the discussion about it that’s fun.

142: A guy at my work who said he could see ghosts said a woman was haunting me. When I called him once when I was alone he said, “I can hear a woman’s voice, do you have a girl over?” I dunno if it was just a coincidence or if there really was a ghost though.

148: I wonder if ghosts have a lifespan? I’ve never heard of a ghost from the Jomon Period (14,000–300 BCE).

164: I think they exist. When we were eating in front of the family altar after my grandpa’s memorial service, we all heard a sound that sounded like him coughing.

176: If they really do exist, then the entire country would be studying them.

185: >>176 Apparently they did in the past.

204: >>185 The government apparently employed onmyouji, right?

202: I think for people who can see them they undoubtedly exist.

216: Ghosts shouldn’t just scare people, they should also contribute to society.

217: It’s natural for living creatures to fear what happens surrounding death. Seeing ghosts is probably just a side effect of that.

228: I think ghosts are just the brain visualising its fears. That’s why so many people see violent ones.

240: I’m looking forward to what happens after death. If I become a ghost, I’m gonna go watch my favourite team from the mound and the batter’s box and the box seats.

267: If ghosts exist, they wouldn’t be limited to the ground, right? Wouldn’t they be expelled into space?

332: I dunno about ghosts, but I don’t believe in a world after death, so I guess that means I don’t believe in ghosts either.

341: I dunno about ghosts, but there was a kid who remembered his past life that people were talking about on Twitter, that has me interested.

359: >>341 Post proof.

674: >>359

Apparently the kid even got the apartment name right even though they’d never been there before. Doesn’t seem like they’re lying.

376: I don’t know if ghosts exist, but there are things that we can’t see that do exist. Like if someone falls in love, you can’t see that love. But it really exists. I think ghosts stem from this “existence that can’t be seen.”

496: I wanna become friends with a ghost and have them curse my enemies.

513: Just between you and me, apparently Hell is full of ghosts, but they’re allowed to visit our world for just a one week period.

536: Ghosts are just the brain bugging out.

538: I don’t believe in ghosts, which is fine, but I can’t deny the existence of things like kamikakushi (spiriting away) which unnerves me. Those things that exist higher than us humans.

549: I work in a hospital, I believe in them.

563: >>549 Tell us a story.

569: >>549 Tell us in detail what led you to believe that.

631: >>563
There have been lots of things, but the other day I was on night duty and I saw someone walking. There’s a break room for patients to use during the day and he was heading that way. I was wondering what he was doing so late and when I went over to have a look, nobody was there.

645: >>631 That’s scary. Weren’t you scared?

689: >>645 At the time I thought I was just seeing things so I didn’t think much of it. But as I was going to sleep I wondered whether I’d really mistake seeing something in a place like that and then I got scared.

Not only that, but the sleeping room is right next to the morgue, and something banging in the night woke me up. I was so scared I covered my head with the blanket and slept that way.

550: A nurse I know says ghosts are real. I’ve never seen one though.

571: I went on a three-day trip with my grandma once and we left some tea out before the family altar when we got back. Not even an hour had passed and the cup was empty. I believe in ghosts.

575: I don’t know if ghosts exist or not so it’s scary. I want to meet one so I can set the record straight.

590: >>575 And if it decides to haunt you, what then? It’ll be able to see you 24 hours a day…

616: When I hear people say they’ve seen a ghost at a cemetery or hospital, that’s just a hallucination caused by the atmosphere of the place. I’d be more convinced if it was at a family restaurant or convenience store.

724: They’re a by-product of people’s fear. I think they’re just hallucinations. All living creatures share a fear of death.

741: >>724 This is it. Originally ghosts = dead people, so it shows our fear towards death. Even though it could just be a person who’s become translucent.

752: >>741 I’d be scary if someone became translucent…

733: Aren’t people who steadfastly refute ghosts somewhat suspicious?

634: Good evening. I’m a ghost. Well then, see you later.



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    What do you think? Do ghosts exist or not?


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