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The End of Terebi no Chikara

There used to be a program on Japanese TV called Terebi no Chikara. One day, however, it was suddenly pulled off the air. It was a program that attempted to find missing people, informing the public of their story and using profilers, investigators, and even psychics in an attempt to uncover their whereabouts.

One particular episode of the show focused on a young boy who had gone missing. An American psychic was brought in to find his location, however, the answer the psychic gave shocked all involved.

“This child is all over the world.”

In other words, the boy was already dead. His organs were sold on the black market and had already been transplanted into various people all around the world. The show decided that they would be unable to air the episode, and in the end the entire show itself was cancelled.

Terebi no Chikara stopped airing in 2006. Whether you believe the rumours for why and how it ended is up to you, but there’s no denying that the show, which was extremely popular at the time, came to an abrupt end.

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