Never take a mirror into the mountains

I heard this story from my now-dead grandmother. She heard it from my great grandmother and other ancestors.

“You must never take a mirror into the mountains.”

It’s not uncommon to run into beings that aren’t human in the mountains, but normally we don’t notice them so it’s no problem. But mirrors don’t have such an ability, and thus they have the power to join different existences together.

According to my grandmother’s ancestors, “If you look into a mirror in the mountains during the day but it reflects night, then it’s already too late.”

It means that you’ve already been dragged into another world. During that time you’ll be spirited away.

Going even further than that, not only will you be spirited away, your entire existence will be erased from reality.

I think they told her this story to keep her away from the dangers present within the mountains, but when I heard it I was honestly terrified.


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