I played Hitori Kakurenbo

I just got done playing Hitori Kakurenbo and some serious shit went down, do you guys mind if I tell you about it? It was seriously insane, so I’d like your permission before I say anything.

Ah, sorry guys, I’m gonna tell you my story anyway.

You’ve heard about Hitori Kakurenbo and how dangerous it is, right? That game where you do something and you might die, yeah? I wanted to play it but I was too scared, so I ended up playing my own version. Hear me out.

First, this is how I prepared.

I put salt and a little of my own blood inside a Teru Teru Bozu (a Japanese handmade doll that resembles a Western ghost). I was alone at home, so I made sure to lock the house. I turned off all the lights and filled the bathtub with water, then put the Teru Teru Bozu in the water before hiding. And you can hide anywhere, but you can’t go outside. At least, I had vague memories of that, anyway.

Here is where things got dangerous.

After I put the Teru Teru Bozu in the tub you’re allowed to freely move around for a minute, right, but after one minute has passed you can’t move. There was nowhere to hide in the bathroom.

After one minute passed I called out twice, “Teru Teru Bozu-san, Teru Teru Bozu-san, I’m ready!”

Here is where the real action starts. Scaredy-cats should stop reading now.

I decided to hide under the kotatsu (heated table). I was scared, so I made sure to take my phone with me. Five minutes passed, but nothing happened. I figured that playing the game with my own style was no good and was about to give up when I heard something. I was excited, like, no way, it can’t really be here.

At any rate, I was about leave the kotatsu and head to the bathroom when my phone started vibrating. Who the hell was calling at this time of night… but when I looked at my phone the power was off. At once a chill fell over me and I ran to the bathroom, but when I got there the Teru Teru Bozu was gone.

At this point I reached peak fear levels. Honestly, I just wanted to stop. I vaguely remembered that stopping halfway through was the most dangerous thing to do though, so I decided to stick it out.

I recalled that finding the Teru Teru Bozu and saying that I found him would end the game, so I went looking for him.

I thought about where I should look for it when I realised I needed to pee. Why now… I thought and reluctantly went to the toilet. There’s no way it could be in here, right? But as I thought, there was nothing there. I quickly finished my business and flushed but the toilet was clogged or something, the water wasn’t going anywhere.

There’s gotta be something stuck in there, I thought, and when I looked closer I saw a large wad of hair floating there. I was about to blow my stack. I was gonna take a picture and post it here but then I remembered my battery was flat. I was so worked up I ended up dropping my phone in the toilet, but I was so disgusted looking at the hair that I flushed again, and this time it went. Along with my phone…

Anyway, I decided to keep looking for the Teru Teru Bozu. To be honest, I live in a tiny, shitty, run-down apartment, so there’s not that many places to hide. Just the closet and the room with the family altar. I decided to go there first. The altar for my mother is there, but, well, you’ll understand more about that later.

There was nothing in the room, but I have a single photo of my mother in there. That photo was turned upside down. So much was happening at the time though that I didn’t really notice it.

Next was the only place left to hide… the closet. I was so scared I didn’t want to open it, but if I didn’t find the Teru Teru Bozu the game wouldn’t end, so I prepared myself and opened it, ready to die.

But the bastard wasn’t there… I stopped to think about where the thing could be, but then I heard a noise coming from the altar room. Huh? There was nothing there before, I thought, and went towards it.

The altar room is an old Japanese style, but it’s still got lights, right? The old ‘kaching’ type where you pull the string and they turn on. The Teru Teru Bozu was hanging upside down from it. I was surprised to see it there, of course, but something else flashed through my head at the same time.

In reality my mother hung herself in this room. As soon as I remembered I passed out, for real. When I came to I was in front of the altar. I couldn’t remember what happened, but it soon came back to me. I freaked out and ran around but I couldn’t find the Teru Teru Bozu. Looking closer, I saw it was light outside and the fear dissipated.

In the end I didn’t find the Teru Teru Bozu, but I said, “Found you!” and unlocked the door.

I finished the game.


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  • March 11, 2019 at 1:10 am

    That sounds very legit.


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