The Reason Okinawa Has No Subway

The Okinawa Monorail opened in 2003, but around the same time, people started to talk about something else. Why didn’t Okinawa have a subway? After all, Okinawa is a beautiful place and a monorail would destroy the view, so wouldn’t a subway be better? Many people were against it, but they were told that there was a possibility of underground bombs left over from the war, so a subway just wasn’t possible, and that was that.

Or was it?

It turns out there’s another reason why Okinawa wouldn’t build a subway. The real reason behind their refusal. It’s because the treasures of the Ryukyu Dynasty are still buried beneath the ground of Okinawa. So that civilians don’t find their ancestors’ buried treasures, the descendants of the royal family put a stop to anyone digging underground.

However, these royal descendants made a secret deal with the government allowing them to excavate some of these treasures in exchange for a share of the profits. But one of the labourers on the project leaked that information to the outside, so now individuals and companies are allowed to dig and, provided they don’t find anything, continue with their construction.

It’s for that reason that underground parking lots have been popping up all over Okinawa with alarming speed. People are still hoping to find that royal treasure…

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