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Supposing there was a way to find out anything you wanted, would you try it? Just by using the public phone, “Satoru-kun” will answer any question you have. It’s so simple that anyone can do it, so you should definitely give it a try.

You’ll need three things: a 10 yen coin, a cell phone, and a public phone. The 10 yen coin is for the public phone; a telephone card or different coin is no good. It must be a 10 yen coin and nothing else.

First, find a public phone and put in the 10 yen coin. Call your own cell from it.

Then, once you get through, turn towards the receiver and say the following. “Satoru-kun, Satoru-kun, please come. Satoru-kun, if you’re there, please reply.” You must make sure not to mess up even a single word.

Next, once you’ve finished the chant, hang up the receiver and end the call. Turn your cell phone off as well.

Once you have done this, you’ll receive a call from Satoru-kun within the next 24 hours.

But Satoru-kun won’t just call you once; he will call several times, but you won’t be able to question him just yet. Instead, Satoru-kun will tell you his current location. For example, “I’m in so-and-so elementary school,” or “I’m in such-and-such park.” Each time he calls, these locations will get closer and closer until finally he calls to let you know “I’m right behind you.” At this point you may ask him your question, but there is something you must be careful of. That is, you must under no circumstances turn around. If you do, or if you don’t ask your question, Satoru-kun will snatch you away. It is said that you may only ask Satoru-kun a single question, but he can correctly answer anything, even from the distant future.


The legend of Satoru-kun closely resembles two other popular urban legends; Kaijin Answer and Mary-san. Kaijin Answer will answer whatever question you have, while Mary-san, said to be a foreign-made doll thrown away by her owner, will call at regular intervals to inform you of where she is, until finally she appears right behind you. If Kaijin Answer married Mary-san, their child would be Satoru-kun. This is one of the most notable characteristics of the Satoru-kun legend. It’s thought this particular urban legend was specifically adapted from the above two in order to spread even further and become more widely known. Satoru-kun is said to have first appeared in 2002, around the same time as Kaijin Answer, so it’s a comparatively new legend. The number of public phones has been decreasing in recent years, however, so it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to try out for themselves.

Satoru-kun is also thought to be based off the game of Kokkuri-san. When playing Kokkuri-san, the Japanese version of the ouija board, one uses a 10 yen coin and asks a question for Kokkuri-san to answer.


Kaijin Answer is said to be a deformed yokai that was born with only a head, now going around gathering parts to build the rest of his body. Mary-san is a discarded doll. Yet Satoru-kun is wrapped in mystery. It is unknown if he is a yokai or spirit, or even how old he is. All we know is that the majority of people who call Satoru-kun are presumably spirited away.


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