Kagome Kagome

This isn’t my story, but something that happened to my father when he was younger. He was in the mountaineering club at university and frequently went mountain climbing. On this particular day he was alone with one of the other club members, his senior. They were climbing the mountain according to the route they had prepared beforehand. The mountain itself was a dormant volcano; the crater was overgrown with forest.

As they approached the forest, the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse, and thunder sounded nearby. Thinking it dangerous to stay out in the open, they debated waiting in the forest or descending the mountain immediately. Thinking the weather would continue to get worse, they decided to descend.

The pair were scared of being struck by lightning, so they ran at full speed through the downpour. Unable to run any longer, they stopped for a rest at a perfectly shaped rock, carved out that they could sit under.

The exhausted pair didn’t even have the energy to speak, so they leaned back against the rock wall and listened to the sound of the falling rain. A short while later my father heard something unbelievable. Something he shouldn’t have been able to hear in the heavy rain. There were two things.

The first was the sound of children singing, “Kagome Kagome.” It was followed by the voice of a young girl who asked, “What are you doing here?”

‘There’s no way a kid would be all the way up here. I’m just tired, I must be hearing things,’ my father thought, but just in case he turned to his friend.

“Did you happen to hear anything just now?” he asked. His friend looked at him, surprised.

“I did.”

‘No way,’ he thought.

“What did you hear?”

“A bunch of children singing ‘Kagome Kagome’.”

The terrified pair couldn’t wait until the rain stopped. They took off down the mountain without looking back…


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