This is a story about a young man who moved to Tokyo to begin university. It happened about a month after he started. As he was relaxing at home alone like he always did after school his phone rang.

“Hello, this is ooo.”

It was one of his friends from high school wanting to know if he could come and stay the night at his place. At first he refused, but his friend persisted and so he finally relented.

His friend’s place was about a 10 minute walk away in Suginami Ward. When he reached his friend’s house and went inside he was shocked by the state it was in. Every single crevice, crack and gap was covered over in packing tape.

“Ah, thank you so much for coming…”

His voice sounded lifeless as he thanked him. At high school he had always been so cheerful and lively. What had happened to him in just these few short months? The young man wondered.

However his friend refused to give anything but vague answers and he couldn’t get a clear reply. That night his friend seemed constantly frightened of something.

“She’s watching me… she’s watching me…” he kept muttering as he slept. After falling asleep for a few minutes he’d suddenly wake up again. This went on all night.

The next morning his friend thanked him through his tears. Finding his friend’s actions strange the young man went home, but when he got there he felt like someone was watching him. Of course he was alone and didn’t even have any pets. Thinking he was just imagining it he wasn’t especially concerned.

When he was relaxing at home the next day he again felt like someone was watching him. He was the only one in the room and he lived on the third floor so it would be difficult for someone to see in. Thinking that someone might be hiding in the closet he went over and opened it, but there was nothing out of the ordinary in there.

However the feeling of being watched continued for several days after.

One day, when he looked over in the direction he could feel the gaze coming from he saw it. A woman, looking at him from the tiny gap between his chest and drawers and the wall.


He screamed, and like his friend lost himself in covering every gap in his room with tape.

Just like that the woman continued to look at him from between all the gaps.


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