Genji Waterfall

Location: 2 Chome-15-1 Higashikuraji, Katano, Osaka Prefecture, 576-0061, Japan

Chosen as one of the eight most beautiful sights in Katano, Genji Waterfall is overflowing with the beauty of nature.

Standing at 18 metres tall, it’s said that the ghost of a small child who fell from the waterfall and died occasionally appears here. Spirits have also been seen in the river bed below.

The reason the waterfall is called Genji Waterfall comes from a local story. The story goes that long ago in Katano a beautiful princess named Genji and her younger brother Umechiyo once lived here. The two of them were captured by a female bandit who took them up the mountain to where she lived. On the way Umechiyo died and in her grief Genji stabbed the bandit in the chest.

However it turned out that the bandit was in reality Genji and Umechiyo’s real mother. Upon discovering this Princess Genji fell into despair and to pay for her sins she threw herself from the top of what is now Genji Waterfall.

Ever since then the rock at the bottom of the waterfall can be heard crying come nightfall.

Genji Waterfall is an extremely popular tourist attraction and thus many photos are taken there. As such it has also become a famous spot for ghost photography.

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