There’s a mountain that exists in central Hokkaido.

There was an accident previously where a couple visited the mountain to go climbing. They lost contact with the outside world and went missing.
The police conducted an investigation but they couldn’t find any clues. To this day nobody knows what happened to them.

There’s a rumour that “Gomiko-san” appears in this mountain.
“Gomiko-san” suddenly appears if you’re walking around the mountain late at night.
She chases after you, screaming, “You threw me away!”
If she catches you she cuts off all your limbs, gouges out your eyes, puts you into a garbage bag and then carries you away.
She chases you with inhuman speed, no matter how hard you try to run away you’ll always get caught.

If you ever encounter her by yourself there’s no way you can escape.
However if you’re with two or more people you can split up and try to escape in different directions, leaving one person to become a sacrifice while everyone else has a chance to escape.




** Translator’s note: The name Gomiko comes from ‘gomi’ meaning garbage and ‘ko,’ a common suffix for female names which means child **

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