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People you think could only have been killed by ghosts…

1: You never hear on the news about people who died because of curses and such, right? If ghosts were real, then you would think there would be cases where people were killed by ghosts, yeah?

2: The people who died when trying to tear down Taira no Masakado‘s grave.

3: But you can’t prove that curses exist.

4: There have never been any cases like that.

6: I’m saying if ghosts were real, then who might they have killed? There has to be more cases like that.

7: People who are tormented by ghosts in ghost stories are generally involved in accidents or die of illness, right? What kind of deaths could clearly be caused by ghosts?

8: >>7 Like, strangled by a ghost?

9: >>8 Police: “Clearly he strangled himself.”

12: I wonder if ghosts have the physical strength required to strangle a person?

16: If you’re killed by a ghost, then that person will also become a ghost and can get back at them, right?

20: >>16 The ghost that killed them would be the sempai, so that might be tough.

21: Killing someone via a curse would leave no evidence, so clearly this would be the best way to do it.

22: >>21 Yeah, it would just be processed as a sudden death or unsolved, right?

23: Supposing you had evidence of a curse, you would never get arrested for that. If you did it in front of the person, you’d no doubt be arrested for something like harassment.

27: So the dead are no match for the living, huh?

28: I heard that a living person cursing someone they hate doesn’t work unless the other person is aware that they’ve cursed anyway.

30: >>28 So you could say it’s stupidity at its finest, huh? That’s one way to put it.

32: Like people who die naked on a snowy mountain or something?

46: Everyone who died Village of the Eight Gravestones.

48: Inajun (Inagawa Junji) has told some ghost stories that involve people being killed by ghosts.



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