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Apparently some people are terrified by these images…


3: >>1 The third one is really pretty, it’s like the old times in Chrono Trigger.

72: >>1 I’m the type who finds number three scary.

3: These are decently scary.

5: Isn’t it the same as being afraid of aquariums?

6: What’s going on in the third picture?

11: >>6 Isn’t it the ocean current?

7: That third one is amazing.

9: Even when you understand the principle of them, spillways are terrifying.

10: Is the third one the edge of the world?

12: The third one isn’t scary. You’ll probably die if you get sucked into an ebb tide, right?

13: The third one is Mauritius, isn’t it? The way you see the ocean floor and the currents give the illusion that you’re falling.


31: >>17 Don’t hide it.

39: >>17 Thank goodness, it was a peaceful photo in the end.

18: The second and third photos are scary. The first, not so much.

19: The third one is amazing.

20: I find the second photo the weirdest. I wonder why?

22: I love how these types of photos make you feel.

23: Tokyo Bay is scary.

24: Wouldn’t a spillway that is clearly man-made be more scary?

27: >>24 I get it. You start thinking like… what if I fall in?

28: >>24 That’s a no from me.

29: >>24 It’s like a gateway to an undersea route in a game.

34: >>24 Why are people scared of this? I’d love to see it.

47: >>34 Because it makes you imagine falling in.


45: >>32 Personally I think this is the scariest.

67: >>32 This is pretty common in The Outer Worlds.

41: That picture of the overturned boat in a downpour with a huge monster beneath it is scary.

43: >>41 Yeah those are terrifying.

51: >>41

52: This scares me to death.

55: >>52 It’s like Beksiński.

58: >>52 Images like this are thrilling. Like this videos of whales emerging beside small boats, they’re terrifying.

54: It’s scarier without water.

70: >>54 It’s like a Shinichi Hoshi work.

56: Big things are scary.

61: The parts of the Pacific Ocean with nothing there are terrifying.

68: >>61 You can see it on maps, right? I get it. It’s just nothing but blue.

74: I don’t get it. Is it like a fear of heights?

75: The world’s deepest pool.

64: It’s scary. I hate it. I don’t think I could deal with space either.



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