I Faced A Mirror And Said “Who Are You?”

Note: There’s a superstition that if you face a mirror and ask “who are you?” then someone (or something) might reply…

1: We became friends right away.

2: When I covered my mouth I was able to get in immediately.

3: Our names, ages, and hobbies matched.

4: Apparently his name is Sato.

5: And who are you?

7: 20, we’re the same age.

8: We both like manga and baseball, but apparently he likes soccer too. I hate soccer.

9: So you have to cover your mouth, huh? I always fail when I try, so thanks for the help!

11: >>9 They don’t talk if you cover your mouth while talking.

14: I made a friend I can see anytime!

16: Was his face the same as yours?

20: >>16 I don’t know what my face looks like, so I dunno. I only see Sato in the mirror.

39: >>20 But if never used to be Sato in the mirror, right?

41: >>39 It’s always been Sato. I just thought it was me. But his hairstyle and clothes are the same.

51: >>41 Is your face different in photos then?

53: >>51 It’s the same.

17: You should do it with a full length mirror.

19: How did he get out of the mirror?

21: >>19 He didn’t. We talked there on the spot.

23: I was lonely, so this made my happy.

24: If you keep looking at each other, you can become friends.

25: You have to look at each other’s eyes when you talk.

26: The other side speaks?

27: >>26 They do. When I talk, I cover my mouth.

42: I wonder if you’ll really go nuts if you keep it up?

45: >>42 I don’t really want to think about it, but maybe? I’m not gonna go crazy or insane though.

52: I told him my girlfriend dumped me and he said I could get a new one and forget about her. I told him to introduce me to someone then and he said he would! We both laughed.

55: What good friends.

56: I told him I was bored and he said I should visit the batting centre.

57: My heart was pounding so bad, but it’s mostly gone now.

58: Friends seriously are important.

61: I heard that unless you try it several days in a row you can’t become friends, but we hit it off right away. Maybe we’re a good match?

63: I wonder if there’s a way to talk without the mirror?

62: I hope we can become even closer soon.



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