Only 30% of People Can Clap With the Back of Their Hands

1: I can’t do it.

2: Don’t do it!

5: I did it, but why shouldn’t you?

6: >>5 Ah…

7: Now you’ve gone and done it. The reverse clap… lol.

10: I did it, but are there really people who can’t? Are you deformed?

16: >>10 Clapping with the back of your hands is called a reverse clap, and it’s said that it’s how dead people clap. It’s dangerous if you do it at night.

18: >>16 But, I’m alive.

22: >>18 That’s why people who are alive shouldn’t do it, lol.

34: >>22 Why?

41: >>34 In general, if you’re alive and perform an action that dead body carry out, they will recognise you as one of them.

43: >>41 So then they’ll come this way? Thinking I’m a friend?

165: Shinin ga shinin looooooooooool (this is a pun with the first shinin being “dead people” and the second being “sighting, confirm by sight”)

386: >>41 A pun at this hour…

15: Piece of piss, I’m clapping as hard as I can.

28: It’s spiritualism? I’ll clap if it means I can meet my dead granny again.

71: >>28 Don’t do it!

46: Whoops, I did it… Am I dead now?

58: >>46 In a worse case scenario I don’t think you’ll die, but you’ll probably face some troubles.

50: Why do you suddenly start clapping with the back of your hands once you die?

61: It’s a trap.

64: You clap when you visit a shrine, right? If you do the opposite then something bad will happen.

69: Kami-sama: “That guy sure has a strange way of clapping… Alright, let’s grant his wish!”

70: I’m being entirely serious here, my bones hit each other and now it hurts.

100: This audience member reverse clapping terrifies me.

128: Speaking of things you can’t do, you shouldn’t face mirrors at each other. They say it creates a path for ghosts to pass through.

142: The moment I did it, the atmosphere in the room changed.

176: Those of you going to take a bath now, make sure you don’t say “daruma-san ga koronda.” You can’t even think it.

346: In short, if you clap with the back of your hands, it creates a sound that people can’t hear but lures ghosts, right?

357: I’m terrified of ghosts, I can’t do it. When I wake up during the night and need to go to the toilet, I do so swinging my fists in the air in front of me.



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