How to Reach Another World ~ Akita

1: How to reach a parallel world.

This is only recommended for those who are tired of this life or who really want some excitement.

If you go to sleep with the paper you’ve finished writing on and it’s gone when you wake up the next day, and if the air feels different, everything feels different, then you’ve succeeded.

To explain, it’s not the paper that’s disappeared the next day, but rather that you’ve slipped into another world.

On a 5cm by 5cm square piece of paper, draw two large overlapping triangles as big as you can (a six pointed star?) and in the middle of that write “Akita.” It goes something like that, I think. And apparently if you write it in red letters the effect will be even larger…

You write “Akita” on the page.

Who wants to try it?

I’m too scared so I’m not gonna.

[Translator’s note: Akita is the past tense of akiru, meaning to be tired of something, to have had enough of something, to lose interest in something, etc. In this case, if you’ve lost interest in life itself, here’s a way to go to a parallel world]

3: Go do this on the occult boards.

4: >>3 So this really is something supernatural?

5: >>4 Obviously, just look at it lol.

6: I’ll do it, but I have a question.

How do I come back?

7: >>6 You’ve gotta really concentrate on it or something.

12: >>7 Eh… By the way, what things will change?

16: >>12 I don’t know the full details, but you might end up in a 2D world.

8: >>6 You probably won’t be able to come back. But I hear people fail a lot anyway.

11: So then, is there anyone who has successfully done it?

14: >>11 I dunno, but apparently some pretty scary stuff happened to those who have failed.

17: >>14 Tell me more.

20: >>14 I have vague memories of someone who failed it talking about it sometime ago

1. He tried the above but he wrote “hima” on the paper, and then went to sleep with it visible between his gripped hands.

2. Then he had a dream or something where a shadow man or a kami tried to take it.

3. They were trying really hard to take the paper, but he was scared so he clung to it.

4. Next thing people knew, the guy had disappeared and the crumpled paper was all that was left behind.

Something like that.

18: Just a theory, but I think if you don’t have strong supernatural abilities then it probably won’t go well.

19: It’s dangerous. My parents are exorcists, and the month before last, some guy with blank eyes constantly muttering something came around. They told me not to get close to him, but apparently he was holding that paper from >>1 in his hands, they said.

21: Does the paper have to be exactly 5 by 5 cm?

23: >>21 I think it’s just an approximation, but the closer you are to it, the more successful you’ll be, I reckon.

30: I’ve got a test tomorrow so I can’t do it. Everyone who wants to should do it tonight and then report back tomorrow with the results.

31: >>30 But if they succeed they won’t be able to come back, right?

35: >>31 Oh yeah… I wonder if they’ll be able to write here on a phone from another world? Try taking your phone with you!

36: >>35 I don’t think the radio waves from that world would get through to ours…

44: What is this, I wanna try it!

46: Come to think of it, I saw somewhere once that you can use a mirror to travel to another world… It’s probably just an urban legend though.

48: There’s also a way to have an out-of-body experience.

At around 2 a.m., once you’re in a state between sleeping and waking, you need to imagine yourself getting up (even though you’re actually lying down). Do this three times, fall asleep, and then wake up. Focus on your belly button region and imagine yourself jumping up with all your might. You’ve succeeded in leaving your body.

Try this at your own risk, you might not be able to return, I dunno.

54: >>48 That’s just a twisted way to say lucid dreaming.

60: There was something on the occult forums about reading another world, right? That thing where you go to a shrine by train and do something with salt. They found the dead body of the person who tried it the next day.

73: How to reach another world by train (how to open the demon’s gate)

1. Take the Hibiya Line from Akihabara Station and get off at Kayabachou. Go to the platform heading towards Hacchoubori and underneath the iron bars there you’ll find salt placed on the ground. Scatter that salt with your feet.

2. Change trains to the Touzai Line and get off at Takadanobaba Station. Go to the platform heading towards the Seibushinjuku Line transfer and beneath the iron bars you’ll find salt placed on the ground. Scatter that salt with your feet.

3. Once again take the Touzai Line to Kayabachou Station and go through the ticket gate. Take exit 4a and go down the stairs. Scatter ten pieces of rice here.

4. Take the Hibiya Line from Kayabachou to Tsukiji Station and go to the platform heading towards Tsukijihonganji. Beneath the iron bars you’ll find salt placed on the ground. Scatter that salt with your feet.

5. Get back on the Hibiya Line, close your eyes and think about the one thing you want most. Clasp your hands together and continue to ride the train as so.

88: You’re not supposed to hold the paper, you’re supposed to put it under your pillow.

91: >>88 Seems like there are lots of different ways. Those who failed were holding the paper. For those who have done it, why don’t they try to fail once on purpose?

94: Nah, I don’t wanna try thanks.

138: There was a way to reach another world through the elevator, right? Someone post it. I saw someone tried it on YouTube but I was too scared to watch.

144: Someone verify this.

Tatowa Technique

Compile some simple diagrams and stare at them. They will start to change on the screen. Another world will open up on the other side, but only once, so you’ll be able to grab just a glimpse of it.

155: >>144 I stared at it for two minutes but nothing happened… Which figure should I be looking at? Look at them all in order?

164: >>155 I dunno but shouldn’t you stare at them blankly?

170: >>164 It might be unrelated, but I stared at them on my iPhone and suddenly it went out of range. I got reception again after about 5 minutes, but the 3G is gone.

247: I’m gonna try it.

Just like this, right? Let’s go!

264: Let’s decide whether this is real or fake.

265: >>264 But I don’t… mind… being trolled?

270: But what if the other world is like Silent Hill?

282: Another small story.

Fill a wash basin with water and then at midnight, place a razor to your mouth and look into it. The face of your future partner will appear in the water. But if you drop the razor into the water… The water will turn red like blood, and your future partner’s face will have a scar from the razor that they’ll never be able to get rid of.

And if you stand between two mirrors facing each other at 2 a.m., you’ll be sucked into the mirror world.



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