The Old Occult Forums Had Hasshaku-sama, Kotoribaki, Kisaragi Station!

1: Now we have “…”

Why is that?

2: “Real” was amazing.

113: >>2 If you really think that, why not bow in front of a mirror? [Translator’s note: This is what happens in the story to kick off a curse]

5: It’s such a hassle to read long stories.

4: They’re all too long.

6: >>6 If they’re interesting it’s fine.

7: They don’t air scary programs on TV anymore either.

15: >>7 They often hire frauds for those shows, huh.

18: >>7 He doesn’t appear on TV, but Inagawa Junji’s apparently rolling in it come summer time. [Translator’s note: Inagawa is a scary story teller, and summer is the traditional time for horror in Japan]

9: Kankandara!

16: Kid: “Why can’t I go there?” (innocence)
Old guy: “I won’t say why, just don’t!”

Old guy: “Did you go there? Did you go? I have to contact OO!”
Old guy: “To tell you the truth, that place is really…”

Shoulda just said that from the start!

20: >>16 This really pisses me off. It’s fine to say that you shouldn’t go somewhere, but say why! If you go there, this and this will happen, so you mustn’t, etc. If someone’s gonna die, you really gotta make sure the kids know that.

24: Hasshaku-sama is a really good story, plus it’s a great length, but most of all it’s just really scary.

25: >>24 And now she has safely transformed into a moe character.

29: >>25 Not even yokai are stronger than porn.

27: That one where the thing comes running down the hill at night, and Kunekune. I really like the short stories that drop you into Hell.

30: >>27 Me too me too! Lol.

28: I love “Dangerous Curiosity.”

35: “Rinfone” for me.

36: “Giant Head O” was also great.

40: I don’t remember the title, but the one where they have a secret base in the mountains and the old lady attacks them and kills their dog.

43: >>40 I love that one too.

44: >>40 That’s “Dangerous Curiosity.”

47: I like the strange short stories, like “Are you my mother?”

51: “It’s in it’s in!” I love that short one. [Translator’s note: This is a line from Yamanoke]

55: >>51 I found Hasshaku-sama and Yamanoke terrifying, but after they appeared on Nube I was fine.

52: I like Otsukaresama. [Translator’s note: This was a “curse” pulled off by a user on the 2chan forums by making people look at a cursed picture]

56: It’s in it’s in it’s in it’s in.

59: What was the story where they went camping and the mysterious monster ate the dog?

61: >>59 Shishinoke.

63: Stories about videos are scary.

67: Special just for you, you should play the horror game Shiju Hachi. It’s so scary you’ll lose your mind.

73: For me it’s scary when people reply to personal stories with things like “something like that happened to me too!” They’re not fake stories, but how people see something that happened to them. Shishinoke is like that too.

82: That recent thread about the dead body in the futon scared me.

83: >>82 Tell me more.

89: >>83 Late at night a rolled up futon was draped over a fence. It smelt like death and liquid was dripping from it. There was a suspicious old lady from the neighbourhood association.

92: There was a photo too.

84: Even though I know they’re lies, I like the ones that I remember when I’m walking late and night and make me turn around to see what’s behind me.

94: In the past I used to read them late into the night before public holidays. That was fun.

102: >>94 I know that feeling. Like when you get too scared to go to the toilet.

100: In the end, humans are the scariest thing of all <- I hate these. There’s something romantic about the unknown with ghosts. I’m not just looking for something scary.

101: >>100 I feel that.

103: When I was young I used to read unsolved cases and then I couldn’t sleep.

228: I like that one where the punks throw a body into some hole in the ground. What was that one?

232: >>228 “Hole in the Basement.”

238: >>232 That’s it. I like those supernatural ones that end where you don’t really know what’s going on.

240: Something strange happened to me. It was three years ago though.

245: >>240 Do tell.

249: >>245 I was playing online games with a friend, but it was a totally different person. But he knew all about me.

250: >>249 You didn’t know it wasn’t him?

254: >>250 He had the same name as my friend, so I thought it was him. When I asked him something later he said he hadn’t played though.

256: >>254 That’s scary.

310: There aren’t any interesting horror games lately either, huh. There’s just mostly a few series.

316: >>310 Calling is the last shining jewel from Hudson Soft. You can still play it.



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