Lies You Believed As A Kid

1: Rain contains radioactive particles, so if you stand in the rain for too long you’ll melt.

5: If you drink cola, your bones will melt.

7: If you burn a photo, the person in that photo will die.

9: If you take a photo with three people, the person in the middle will immediately die.

10: If you’re walking through a bamboo forest, the second person in line will get bitten by a snake.

12: If you don’t listen to your parents, you’ll be sold to the circus. If you drink vinegar while at the circus, you’ll become flexible.

14: If you do something bad a namahage will show up at your house and eat you.

15: Demons live in Tokyo.

20: When I was a kid and returning home from kindergarten, I told my parents I wanted to go back again, they said, “If you enter kindergarten more than one a day, the lion will escape from its cage, so you can’t.”

2: My mother always went on and on about drinking milk so my bones would be strong. She drank like a fish and now in her old age she has osteoporosis.

23: That’s because she’s a woman. She’s gone through menopause so she can’t help that.

26: If you drink too much cola, you won’t be able to get an erection anymore… My mother said that when I was a kid and I didn’t get it, lol.

31: >>26 Your mother said such vulgar things?

36: >>31 With ease.

41: Baldies are unequalled.

44: If you eat something burnt, you’ll get cancer.

46: If you sleep facing the north, something bad will happen.

47: If you do something crazy, a yellow ambulance will show up.

49: If you eat eel with umeboshi you’ll get diarrhoea.

50: If you pee on earthworms your penis will swell.

51: I wish it would.

52: You throw your teeth that have fallen out onto the roof.

54: >>52 Don’t you bury your upper teeth in the ground and then throw your bottom teeth onto the roof?

56: If you touch a toad, you’ll get a wart.

58: My parents said if you eat your boogers you’ll grow tall… It was a lie but I still do it. You shouldn’t be picky with food!

60: If you boil cockroaches and then drink the water, you’ll grow strong.

62: If you whistle at night, cats will come!

65: >>62 I was told to stop because thieves would come, lol.

63: If you drink milk, you’ll grow tall and girls will get big boobs. If you touch the swirl of hair on the back of your head, you’ll stop growing. I’m a dude, but neither worked for me.

57: If you get married, you’ll have kids.



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