Pictures That Gave You Trauma As A Kid

1: Whatcha got?

9: Kemur scared me.

15: A documentary I saw in elementary school about the Pacific War. It was scary at the time.

17: Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu (Drifting Classroom) which I read in elementary school.

18: This here is a dinosaur person.

19: That scene in the manga The Kindaichi Case Files where a skeleton buried in the school walls watches them.

28: That scene in USO Japan where the guy jumped and a face appeared in the window.

480: >>477 The picture isn’t very scary.

484: >>480 It’s easier to understand if you watch the video.

37: The McDonald’s clown is scary. I’m terrified of clowns.

45: Clowns are scary.

47: >>45 Don’t scare me like that, lol.

40: Hatamonba from Nu~be~

41: The Exorcist.

360: The first time I went to the movie theatre they suddenly showed the trailer for The Exorcist. It scarred me for life.

52: Kuchisake-onna.

53: The scene in Mad Max where the eyeballs go flying.

57: Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell. The poster alone is terrifying.

60: >>57 Amazing.

61: Gigigi.

84: Even now I reckon most kids’ first traumatic experience is with Hadashi no Ken.

75: Zashiki-onna.

She was created in a time when not just the word “stalker” but even the idea of the concept didn’t exist. She’s an amazing Mochizuki Minetaro character.

132: >>75 The word “stalker” didn’t exist, but the crime has been around forever.

80: The last picture the creator of Crayon Shin-chan drew. That bright red picture gave me trauma. Although apparently it’s fake.

98: The Snake Woman in the World Yokai Illustrated Encyclopedia.

640: >>98 Hey hey that’s still scary to look at.

112: A Chagall painting in the hall of my elementary school. I dunno the name of it but the guy’s head was hanging upside down. I still don’t understand why such a scary picture was in an elementary school.

113: There was a small girl looking at us through the window in our elementary class photo. That ghost photo was scary.

121: Tarman.

128: Nikura Iwao. He’s Japanese, but when I was a kid I couldn’t understand why his name was “Iwao” so it scared me.

134: The thing that came out of a praying mantis’s body. It wasn’t an urban legend or anything, it was seriously a parasite or something.

172: Edogawa Ranpo.

188: I saw a huntsman spider when I got out of the bath as a kid so I’ve been terrified of spiders ever since.

189: When I was younger, I was scared of Kinomi Nana.

223: The burnt mannequins in the Osaka Sennichi Department Store Fire.

528: >>223 Holy crap.

271: >>223 So the mannequins burned but not the clothes. I wonder if the plastic inside melted like when you bake something in a covered pan?

244: About 25 years ago the TV kept repeating this tape of a woman burning alive screaming, “It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot…”

267: >>244

270: >>267 Hey hey hey…
I won’t be able to sleep tonight…

263: The phantom in The Kindachi Case Files looking in the window.

281: It’s gotta be this.

**Title says “Which Child Isn’t Sleeping?”

292: A picture book called “Mori no Obake” (Monster of the Forest)

299: I still see this in my dreams.

338: >>299 Looks just like something I scribbled once, lol.

300: Forget about when you were a kid, quit sharing stuff that gives me trauma now, lol.

388: As an adult I think it’s a little creepy, but when I was in elementary school and playing Majora’s Mask, this seriously gave me trauma.

390: There was some zombie movie where the girl says to the guy “Don’t forget me…” as she rots.

467: >>390 Isn’t that Return of the Living Dead? They escape to the attic but the guy gets bitten and turns into a zombie, then he bites the girl and she says that to him.

403: Upside-down Man.

496: >>403 For some reason I’m hearing the boss music in FF3.

456: There was a boy on Unbelievable who had a friend that no one else could see. The likeness picture of that.

457: >>456 Yuu-chan.

417: That famous Dr Hayashi copypaste.
“You might not believe me, but it’s possible that your younger brother exists only in your mind.”
That scared the crap outta me.

**This copypaste stems from someone writing to a doctor for advice about a younger brother who refused to leave the house. After hearing all the details, this was part of his response.



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