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To say here is far, and to call yonder nearby. Stories on the edge of the every day, strange tales you may or may not be moved by. Strange, curious, fantastic stories told by me, you, him and her. There are many stories but they’re all concluded within a single page, each story around 200 to 1200 characters in length, a short story collection you can easily read. Please enjoy them. Updated every Saturday at 6pm.


Our lodgings were a rather dirty private home for travellers. Not much we could do about that, considering that we chose the cheap tour plan option, but still, we’d been looking forward to the lodgings for our trip, so our disappointment was strong.

Complaining about it wouldn’t suddenly see us in a fancy room, and it was only for one night, so we decided to put up with it and lay our bedrolls out.

As I lay down, I noticed something scrawled on the roof. It looked like something a small child might draw, but being where it was, it seemed awfully strange. Even if you stood on a stepladder, there was no way for a kid to reach that high to draw something. They must have gotten the boards from somewhere else first before they were reused for the roof. I remembered stories of roofs stained in the blood of warriors from the old days and felt creeped out, but again, it was only for one night, so I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

That night I had a dream. A child not even 10 years of age crawled into the room. The child didn’t look at us, but rather at the roof. Then, all of a sudden, his torso extended upwards, like a black snake firework. Then he started drawing all on the roof to his heart’s content. It was a misshapen bird. The child seemed pleased with his work, and then returned to normal.

When I woke up the next morning, I was covered in sweat. I must have had such a strange dream because of my disappointment in the lodgings. I wiped my face, relieved, but when I looked up I was once more taken by surprise. Another picture had been scrawled on the roof. It was that same misshapen bird from my dream.


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