I don’t want to see it again

Author: Ukari

To say here is far, and to call yonder nearby. Stories on the edge of the every day, strange tales you may or may not be moved by. Strange, curious, fantastic stories told by me, you, him and her. There are many stories but they’re all concluded within a single page, each story around 200 to 1200 characters in length, a short story collection you can easily read. Please enjoy them. Updated every Saturday at 6pm.


When she opened the front door, a child was standing there.

“What a creepy child.”

She must have been utterly disgusted with it. She repeated it, over and over, as she remembered. Apparently, its head was larger than its body, but it wasn’t like it was small like a baby.

“It was about the size of an elementary school student, the body. But on top of it, the head… it was about the same size… no, maybe even bigger than the body.”

She didn’t know how it got in the house. At first it was facing away from her, and then when she got home, it turned as though to greet her and smiled.

“It was so creepy. It didn’t feel like something innocent or affectionate. It was like a smiling doll. They look scary, right? It was just like that.”

As it smiled, its head grew bigger.

“Just its head grew larger and larger. It expanded, almost reaching the roof. Its body was hidden beneath it, and as its smile expanded it started shuffling towards me. I must have screamed.”

The woman fell over and, unable to escape, closed her eyes. But, nothing happened.

“I nervously opened my eyes, but nothing was there.”

The very next day, she won the lottery. When I asked her if she thought it had something to do with the events of the day before, the housewife who won first prize stopped to think.

“I don’t know. But supposing that it did, that I won the lottery because of that thing… Supposing that that thing was the god of fortune…”

She didn’t want to see it again. With that, she finished her story.


Original Japanese

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