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Words You Shouldn’t Search For: Aiseikai Hospital

This term refers to a hospital you shouldn’t search for. Not because it’s haunted, or because of malpractice or poor doctors or anything like that. No, this one actually refers to the hospital’s (former) website that was rather, well, unique.

Sadly, the actual website no longer exists, although you can visit a reupload right here (flashing lights warning!) if you want to check it out for yourself. A quick glance should tell you how and why this ended up on the list.

If we go by the copyright on the page, this website was uploaded in 1998 and, well, it’s definitely an eyesore if nothing else. It has that mid to late 1990s internet vibe of bright neon colours, literally everything on the page flashing, scrolling, and moving, and even background music.

The hospital in question was an internal medicine and gynaecology hospital in Kuji City, Saitama Prefecture and this website lasted until 2013 (yes, relatively recently) before it was finally taken down. Naturally, as the internet moved on and these types of websites progressively disappeared, this one gained fame for being a relic of the past… but also really hard on the eyes.

Rumours began to spread that the website was actually created by a former patient of the hospital, but it turned out it was made by the previous director of the hospital. He certainly had a unique eye for things, that’s for sure.

When the website was finally taken down in 2013, many lamented the loss of a “legendary website,” and the hospital itself also changed its name to Aiseikai Internal Medicine and Gynaecology Clinic. The new website is sadly quite normal, but thanks to preservation efforts you can still view the old one today… at your own risk, that is.

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