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Words You Shouldn’t Search For: Hikkoshite kara Futoukou

This “words you shouldn’t search for” term refers to a particular video, which you can see here.

“Hikkoshite kara futoukou” can be roughly translated to “skipping school after moving,” and it’s a shortened version of the video’s full title, which can be translated as “The shocking truth after going to a high school girl’s house after she stopped going to school after moving…”

The video is roughly three and a half minutes long and shot in vertical format, uploaded to YouTube on 28 December, 2017. It starts with a group of high schoolers filming each other and wishing their friend (who isn’t there, the girl from the title) a happy birthday, and then they decide to head over to her house to surprise her.

They’re shown inside by the girl’s mother and they get a cake ready before heading into her room. Inside they find it dark and the girl is facing the wall, Blair Witch style. She then—spoiler alert if you haven’t actually watched the video before reading this—rushes at her friends and growls like a zombie before the camera spins to find the mother now staring deadpan at what’s happening.

And that’s that. It’s a jumpscare video, and honestly quite well made and rather creepy if you going into it unaware. As such, it was quickly added to the “words you shouldn’t search for” lists with a slightly higher than average scare rating.

This video is the only one on the channel it’s uploaded to, but it was made by the YouTubers “Mizutamari Bond” as a special horror surprise project. You can watch their making of video here. And it’s honestly rather decent quality and a worthy addition to the list if you ask me!

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