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I Can Sense My Recently Deceased Ex-Boyfriend

1. I got a call from the police three days ago, and for some reason they told me that he committed suicide in the mountains. Right after that, I could sense his presence around me. Is he haunting me? I don’t know why he killed himself. Is this something I should get cleansed for?

2. >>1 You should visit a psychiatric facility. Your paranoia is off the charts.

3 (OP). >>2 Does that mean I’m imagining things? I’ll go see the doctor.

4. >>3 You don’t need to go to the hospital. Most people feel that way when someone close to them dies. As for cleansing, if you still feel strange after six months or a year, you should properly sort out your feelings.

7 (OP). >>4 I see… So that’s what it is. Thanks.

18. So, the police called you to say he died three days ago, but you only just recently started to feel the presence. Eh. Three days ago is still recent, right? What do you mean? Like, yesterday? Today?

20 (OP). >>18 The first call I got from the police (three days ago), they said “he might be dead.” The next day they confirmed it was him and they called me again. This all happened a few days ago.

27. >>20 So it all happened over the last few days, yeah? You shouldn’t fret over it. If the presence you sense is warm, it’s not a problem, but if you sense something scary, then he might be trying to take you with him, and if you’re mind is weak, he’ll succeed. Be careful!

33 (OP). >>27 Thank you. I really am just shocked… He didn’t like “warm families,” so I’ll find a husband and show him I’m happy. I don’t want to go to the other side, so I’ll strongly carry that feeling with me.

24. Perhaps it’s best to hold a memorial for him rather than a cleansing ceremony. He might try to take you to the other side because he’s sad and alone, but you must strongly refuse him.

26 (OP). >>24 It would certainly be a problem if he took me to the other side… I’ll visit a temple and hold a proper memorial service. Until then, I’ll hold true and refuse him.

6. Recently he “committed suicide,” or recently “you felt something,” I don’t understand which is which.

8 (OP). >>6 I don’t know when he died. The police only contacted me three days ago to say he did. So it’s all a big vague. I only started to feel his presence recently. Sorry for confusing you.

15. If he was your ex, you should probably hold a memorial service for him. Like, just take a photo of him and some money to the temple and ask them to do it, that should be fine, right?

16 (OP). >>15 I didn’t think that far ahead. I’ll do that. Thank you.

21. I don’t really get what you mean by sensing a presence. How does it feel? Is it like that strange feeling you get when you close your eyes and then bring a finger close to the front of your eyebrows?

22 (OP). >>21 Uh… It’s like something is diagonally behind me.

29. It might be Nakamoto Koji (a comedian who died the day before the thread was made).

35 (OP). >>29 On the contrary, that would be kind of fun, lol.

31. When you’re alone, try burping or farting. When you sense the presence, pretend you’re Inoki-san and scream “get out of here, you idiot!” If you make them think you’re a vulgar, stupid, no good woman, then they’ll be shocked and go.

36 (OP). >>31 I’ll try doing something stupid, lol. I’ll go perform “surprisingly utopia.”
[Translator’s note: this phrase stems from a 2channel story in which someone gets naked and slaps their backside over and over while screaming “bikkuri suru hodo utopia!” to confuse and scare off a ghost].

32. You’ll stop sensing the presence soon enough. It takes 49 days for a spirit to move on, so if you’re going to be cleansed, you should do so after that. While they’re still spirits, they’ll go around greeting people and doing what they want until they finally move on.

37 (OP). >>32 They go around greeting people?! I had no idea. I contacted a temple, but they said they only do memorial services for parishioners. If something happens after 49 days, then I’ll have an exorcism performed or something.

38. Thanks for all your comments, guys. Even though he was my ex, I can’t just put my feelings aside like they were nothing. It’s been hard, but things are calming down now, and most importantly, the sensation of someone being here has started to fade too. Thank you for joining me here in this thread. I’ll go back to lurking now.

39. If something happens again, you should start another thread.

23. We’ll be together forever~~



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