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Images that are scary when you understand…



38: >>3 I like this one.


Note: The image says “Yuika-chan, Shiryuu-kun’s family, they are at Kado JH. They are safe. 3/13, 8:45.”

57: >>6 Kado JH is what locals in Ishimaki called Kadowaki Junior High . It’s an evacuation site, so parents were relieved to hear their children had gone there. But neither Yuika-chan nor Shiryuu-kun were there. Six years later they’re still missing.

67: >>57 The source of this photo is unknown, right? I think the part where the kids are still missing is just an embellishment.


50: >>9 There’s something still inside.


Note: The reason for returning the doll says “The doll moved even though it was turned off.”

21: >>12 Isn’t it strange that this doll would have a power button to begin with?


The girl taking a selfie. If you look closely, you can see that the faucet and hand soap should be in the foreground, but they are not in the picture. In other words, the picture was taken from the other side of the mirror.

100: >>39 How on earth was this done?


171: >>80 lol.


118: >>115 This is so photoshopped that the face is distorted.


129: >>119 What the hell, that’s terrifying.


133: >>125 I don’t think that (the red circle) is the problem here!


193: >>143 They’re playing Kirby’s Air Ride on Nintendo 64, but it’s news from 2021 about staying at home.

198: >>193 What’s wrong with playing Nintendo 64 now?

228: >>193 I mean, they’re playing Mario Kart anyway.


197: >>152 There’s a black monster in the picture. This mystery still hasn’t been solved.

205: >>197 It’s just a person you idiot.



241: >>215. There’s a monster on the intercom monitor.

248: >>241 That’s a cat.

234: Once I saw this I can’t unsee it. I’m cursed.

250: I loled.


274: >>261 A collection of creepy tunnels.

278: I’ll upload some more photos.

282: Actually I’m done so you guys can feel free to talk about them now.

308: What a crude way of wrapping up.

318: Now that actually scared me.



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