This PlayStation CM Is So Scary It Should Be Banned

1: The PlayStation 5 is about to go on sale, and many people are applying to large electronics stores and shopping sites to get one. Did you manage to snag one yet?

A big topic on the internet right now is a PlayStation commercial that’s too terrifying to be true.

The Creepy Baby.
People are talking about this PS3 commercial. A PS3 and a baby doll are placed in a pure white room, and then suddenly the baby laughs, cries, and speaks like an adult, moving around strangely.

3: Alright, let’s reserve a PS3!

10: That X-Box ad where the baby shoots out of the mother’s crotch and ages in the air until he lands in a grave caused such a fuss that they banned it, right?

13: >>10 What on earth were they thinking of making that? Lol.

16: >>10 I pissed myself laughing.

21: >>16 Lol.

23: >>16 Now that’s hilarious. Of course people would complain about it.

31: >>16 Why on earth did they make this? Lol.

32: >>16 It’s telling you that life is short, so you should enjoy it.

12: Mum, Mum, open up, Mum.

43: >>12

It’s not that scary. Is there a long version?

25: >>12 That was it.

18: They banned the Siren commercials, right?

27: What’s scary about it? Is it the doll?

28: You don’t see scary commercials anymore, huh.

33: >>28 Not this year, but last year I saw one for a haunted house out this way.

45: >>1 It wasn’t that scary. The tissue commercial is worse.

50: Don’t play alone at night. That Jaseiken Necromancer commercial was scary.

Having said that, I looked it up on YouTube to watch it again and it’s hilarious, lol.

51: That Siren commercial had spoilers, didn’t it?

56: If you’re talking scary commercials, you gotta mention this one.

46: In the end, all PlayStation puts out are games about destruction and violence, after all.



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