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Ganbare Miku-tan! Fatal Frame Release Thread (Part 1)

3: It’s about to go on sale.

8: I finished it. I’m so happy there are hidden bikini costumes. Well, I’m just imagining things here.

14: I’ve finished my first playthrough. It’s pretty good. It’s scary, but the story is great. It took me about six hours. You get a rank when you finish it. Also you can see her panties. It’s much better than DOA.

23: There are all sorts of bonuses when you finish the game. There are three bonus costumes, but no bikinis. They tell you how many ghosts you captured as well, so maybe there are even more bonuses to get…

By the way, I’m at 55% completion. Looks like I haven’t even captured half the ghosts yet, so I’m about to start my second playthrough.

24: When you tell Miku-tan to run… she just does this little jog. She’s so cute, I love it.

27: >>24 She runs so slowly it pisses me off…

28: >>27 This is true. Miku-tan lives live at her own pace.

29: Seems interesting. Maybe I should get it? Is it scary?

30: >>29 It’s terrifying. If you can play it alone in the dark with headphones on, you’re a god, lol.

31: >>30 That scary, huh? I’ll grab a copy tomorrow.

34: The mansion isn’t as big as I was expecting. I’m still on the first chapter, but I’ve been pretty much everywhere. Does that mean that there are stages outside the mansion as well? Maybe.

35: Does it run on tank controls like Biohazard?

36: So, is this game scary? Silent Hill was crap, Echo Night is crap, although I don’t like Ringu either.

37: Seriously, it’s amazing if you play it with headphones on!

40: It’s so much scarier if you play it with headphones on. It’s such a waste if you don’t use them.

41: I also recommend playing with surround sound on~

43: That crazy chanting scared the crap out of me.

47: What are the costumes like?

48: >>47 Normal stuff. I hope they add more…

52: Miku-tan. If she’s as good as Maria from Silent Hill 2 I’ll buy it.

72: I cleared the game four times and finally got Miku-tan’s swimsuit costume. So good.

73: If you get a game over, does Miku-tan die? I thought she might pass out or get possessed or something.

74: Running around looking for things in a haunted house wearing a swimsuit… it’s like something you’d see on a variety show.

89: Looks like you can take photos of the ghosts even outside of puzzle solving, but is there a reason for it? Self satisfaction?

90: >>89 You get experience points. Look at the photos you’ve taken. It shows you how many points you get.

91: >>90 I see, so looks like I should be taking photos then.

94: Crap. I wrote in the name section, not the address section. Rope shrine maiden, take me away…

132: Why does the album exist?

135: Doesn’t it piss anyone else off that you can take a really good photo and it gives you 0 points?

137: >>135 If you don’t capture it in the blue circle, then you don’t get any points.

136: I wanna take photos of things other than ghosts… So I’ve been wandering around in front of the mirror…

138: The editor hiding and giggling in the closet is funny.

139: The enemies are too strong, I can’t go any further…

140: >>139 If you get caught by a ghost, you can die in an instant. You can unexpectedly lose all your health at once.

142: >>140 Well Miku-tan is a girl, after all.

143: >>142 Plus she’s pretty skinny.

148: You can’t even compare Biohazard to how scary this game is, you keep running and running and still they keep coming…

215: Honestly, there are only three costumes so I don’t really want to keep playing, I was hoping for more.

233: How are the costumes? I can forgive 3, but 1 or 2 is just fucking with us. So the normal costume is the best one then?

245: So if you beat nightmare mode with a good rank, you don’t get anymore costumes? There are only three?

257: I wanna see the true ending! I keep dying to Kirie at the end of nightmare mode. I beat her easily on normal…

259: The enemies are more difficult than they are scary, so it’s pissing me off and making the game itself less scary. Don’t laugh at me, assholes. If there was an easy mode then I could focus on the story more. I’m tired of being drawn back into reality with all the fights! Ugh, I wish there was a difficult that let me focus on the story!! It’s unfortunate because the game is interesting…

277: Looks like there are only three costumes, huh… I was looking forward to her plain clothes. I’m in the middle of battle mode right now. Anyone finished it?

279: If I stay still, will the ghosts who react to sound notice me? I keep dying… I don’t have any health items. I wonder if I’ll have to restart.

356: Who’s that guy with the long arms? He’s the only mystery left.

Shit, I hear something.

460: Finally finished it. Rank D… 🙁

Buy that final night was easy. Especially the last boss. I took her down with just four shots on type 90 film…

500: Miku-tan’s big brother killed himself, so everyone’s happy!



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