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Why Do You See Terrifying Things During Sleep Paralysis?

2: Sleep paralysis is something like a continuation of your dream, so it’s kinda like a bonus time where you can do whatever you want.

3: I’ve only experienced sleep paralysis once, and I was rather calm, like “Oh, so this is sleep paralysis, huh?” Then I went back to sleep.

4: It means there’s a spirit of a fallen warrior there (lol). For real.

13: Not too long ago someone climbed up my blanket and I couldn’t move. They licked near my ear and it was gross. When I could finally move again I shoved them off, but nobody was there. It was so vivid and fresh though.

16: One time when I had sleep paralysis, a cat was sleeping on top of me. I was relieved it was there, but I don’t have a cat.

22: Sleep paralysis is a chance for an out of body experience, right? I know it’s all a dream, but being able to fly and slip through walls is so fun.

23: I’ve experienced it numerous times, where my eyes are open but I’m suffering from the weight of gravity. Once I moved it stopped.

24: It’s like an incredibly real dream. I sometimes sleep on my bed facing the opposite way, and when I had sleep paralysis my room was how it always looked, so that really convinced me I was just dreaming.

26: I shit myself in my little sister’s room the other day, and then suddenly a stranger dressed like an old Japanese soldier came in. I was surprised at first, thinking he was a thief, but he glared at me in silence with bloodshot eyes.

Creeped out, I screamed, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Idiot!” he screamed, and then disappeared into a haze just like that.

I explained what happened to my sister when she got home, but she just cried and cried and said nothing. My parents got angry and shouted as well, and they wouldn’t talk about him either. Are my family perhaps hiding something from me that I don’t know about?

Even now, I still get chills down my spine when I remember it.

32: >>26 Is this a copypaste?

33: >>32 Yes.

39: >>32 So the guy hung himself, causing him to shit his pants as he did, and the dead soldier who called him an idiot was his grandpa who was already dead, which is why his family couldn’t see him. Something like that, right? I think that’s how it goes.

219: >>39 Ah, I see.

130: >>26 That’s deep, man.

31: You can move your eyes, right? But you can’t move your mouth so you can’t talk.

34: When I suffered from it in the past, the pendulum on my wall clock was swinging really fast. It terrified me. I don’t believe in ghosts or any of that stuff though.

45: It’s because

you’re always in your room!!

46: Sometimes it’s psychological, but sometimes it’s supernatural. Although neither happens to me.

49: I wake up sometimes from a massive banging sound.

68: I feel like I’m in a completely different bed in a completely different city in the mornings.

75: When I had sleep paralysis it was like a shining alien was there.

89: When I surrendered to sleep paralysis once, something terrible happened. I’ll never do it again. It’s like those out-of-body experiences.

102: My sleep paralysis improved as I got older. It’s been scientifically proven that it’s in my head. But even so, I’m scared. Even though my body refuses my head, my head does. It’s facing my dead wife sitting on the pillow next to me. She’s singing a song and enjoying herself. It’s a lullaby I’ve never heard before. By the way, our kid’s dead too.

147: >>102 That’s more sad than it is scary.

148: >>102 What on earth happened to you?

127: Why do so many of you suffer from sleep paralysis? I’ve never had it once.

151: A cat once screamed at me in Kansai dialect when I was having sleep paralysis.

207: One time a man’s face covered in blood appeared in the corner of the roof. When they were building the house the leader fell and died, so it was probably him.

214: >>207 He probably showed up because he was concerned whether the job was finished or not. If you visit his grave and let him know, he’ll stop coming around.

48: Huddle in the middle of the room. Strain your eyes in the darkness and look, someone from the next room over is watching you.



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