The Chair That Kills

In England, there’s a famous chair known as Busby’s Chair. There was a prisoner on death row named Busby and it was his favourite chair, and it’s said that whoever sits in it now will die. As the rumours spread, it’s said that more than 60 people tried their luck by sitting in the chair. They later died.

There’s a story similar to this in Japan as well. This happened to B-kun, a junior high student.

There were rumours about a cursed chair at the school he went to. Long ago, there used to be a boy in that classroom he was bullied by the other students. It was said that on September 1st, the day of the school’s opening ceremony, he used his own chair as a stool and tied a rope around the lights before hanging himself.

After that, it was said that every year on September 1st, if you sat on that boy’s chair, the chair he used to kill himself, you would be cursed as well.

Considering the history of the chair, the school attempted to get rid of it, but several years later, a janitor who had no knowledge of what had happened removed both the desk and chair and put them back in one of the classrooms. Now, nobody knows which classroom they’re in, and which is the real cursed chair.

The curse is like a game of Russian roulette.

Up until present, the students who were sitting on that chair on September 1st found themselves the victims of accidents, madness, and apparently even suicide. If something bad ever happened during the second semester, people blamed it on sitting on that cursed chair. It became a school legend.

Of course, B-kun had also heard about the cursed chair, so when it came time to switch seats at the end of the first semester, he was against it. This would mean their seats would change on September 1st.

The students drew lots and B-kun ended up in the middle of the classroom. He felt an indescribable unease. It was hard to put into words, but his shoulders felt heavy, and the air around that chair seemed different.

He felt like he’d pulled it. Perhaps he’d gotten the cursed chair. The thought of sitting there was beyond painful. He wanted to stand up and change right away. He sweated profusely the entire lesson.

Thankfully, the summer holidays soon began, and he didn’t have to actually sit in that chair, but he was in no mood to enjoy the holidays. When they ended and he returned to school on September 1st, he’d have to sit in that chair. It was all he could think of.

Throughout the holidays, B-kun thought of all different ways he could deal with the chair, and on September 1st he arrived at school two hours before class began, well before anyone else. He thought to change his seat before anyone arrived. It meant someone else would become a victim, but that couldn’t be avoided. He’d been driven into a corner.

When he entered through the rear door, B-kun was shocked. He’d arrived at school two hours early, and yet there was somebody already in the class before him. A boy, sitting in the middle of the room. In his chair.

The cursed chair.

A chill ran through his body. The boy didn’t look like anybody from his class. Was he, perhaps…?

The boy’s neck started to turn, like a mechanical doll. It wasn’t a movement a normal person could make. He wanted to close his eyes and run away, yet he was frozen on the spot and unable to turn his eyes away from the boy.

Then, when the boy turned around, he saw his eyes. They were clear like glass.

…That was as much as he remembered. When he came back too, people were chattering around him. The classroom had filled at some point with students returning from summer vacation. Many of them had tans from the holidays.

B-kun had apparently fallen asleep in his chair.

…He gulped. He was sitting in the cursed chair… His legs trembled in fear. Why, he’d been so careful, so why…?

B-kun panicked and ran from the room. He flew past the shoe boxes without changing his shoes and ran to the red light in front of the school, running right through it as a truck drove through…

Apparently nobody knows which classroom that cursed chair is in now…

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