Black Kunekune

When I was in high school, I invited my friend over to my house and we were chatting about this and that when suddenly my mother burst through the front door and came tumbling inside.

Confused at the strange sight, I approached her.

“Please, I’m betting you, don’t go outside into the rice fields!” she said, over and over. Apparently, she had ridden her bicycle back from the shops through the rice fields and she’d seen something black squirming and squiggling out there.

Thinking it might have been a scarecrow, she stopped her bike to get a closer look. Then she saw that it had thin limbs like a person, and it was wiggling around on all fours. She was overcome by an indescribable fear and ran.

“Okay,” was the only thing I could say at the time. She calmed down, but once she was gone, my friend and I both agreed to secretly go check it out.

It really was there. There was no wind, but there was something black out there desperately squirming around. It wasn’t just squirming though. It was slowly moving.

Crap! By the time we realised it, it was already too late. Tears fell from my eyes and my knees trembled in fear.

My friend’s lips trembled and his eyes clouded over. Needless to say, we ran from the place, crying.

Why are things that squirm so terrifying? I have no answer for that, but there was this weird pressure coming off it that threatened to swallow us whole. I don’t think it was anything of this world.

Honestly, it terrified me.

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