The Flirty Ghost

This happened when I was in the fourth grade of university. I got a strange message from one of my good friends. Two weeks earlier we’d gone camping with some of our other friends, but I hadn’t heard from him since we got back, and something about him seemed off. Like he was feeling down or even scared of something. When I asked him what was wrong, he looked at me like he didn’t want to say anything.

“That woman has been following me around,” he finally said. I had no idea who “that woman” was supposed to be, and we weren’t getting anywhere on the phone, so I decided to head straight to his apartment to chat in person.

I rang the doorbell, but he didn’t answer, so I knocked and announced I was there. Finally, he opened the door. In the two weeks since I’d last seen him, his complexion had completely changed for the worse. After hearing the full story from him, it turned out that “that woman” was someone we’d met at the river we went camping by.

She sat with her legs folded beneath her, staring at the river. She had long black hair and was wearing a white dress. Thinking back on it now, it was a strange sight, but we were drunk at the time so didn’t think much of it. My friend went and spoke to her.

“You’re cute,” he said. “Wanna hang out?” He fired off a standard pick up line and she stared at him. Her face was pale and extremely cute. I could understand why he was going after her so hard.

But in the end he failed, and the woman got up and left… According to him, that same woman was now appearing in his apartment. I didn’t think that could be true, but with how scared he looked, he didn’t seem to be lying, either. I ended up staying the night so I could check with my own eyes.

Night fell, and we ate dinner around 7 p.m., followed by lots of TV, but I couldn’t sense any presence in the apartment. He must have been mistaken, I thought, but then right on 9:30 p.m.…

Ping pong.

The doorbell rang.

My friend showed no signs of getting up to answer it. ‘No way, is it really her?’ I thought and gestured towards my friend. His face went pale, and he whispered, “She’s here.”

Scared, we ignored her, but then the ringing turned to knocks on the front door instead. We continued to ignore her, and then a short while later, silence returned. Maybe she left? I nervously approached the door and opened it to check. The area in front of his apartment was soaked. Everything else was dry except for that one area in front of his door.

I got goosebumps.

We waited all night for something strange to happen, wondering if she would come back and what we would do if she did, but as the night wore on we finally fell asleep.

Something cold fell on my face as I was sleeping. When I opened my eyes, I looked up to see a wet woman standing above me, looking down at me.

I was so surprised that I instantly woke up and tried to scream, but no voice came out. I couldn’t even move; I was suffering from paralysis. Too scared to look at the woman and at my wit’s end, I closed my eyes and waited. Of course, I also wanted to confirm my suspicions, so I peeked and confirmed that it really was her. The woman from the campgrounds.

I knew I was in trouble, but then the woman jumped on top of me and whispered in my ear. “You stay away from him,” she said.

“Okay, okay!” I said, over and over, just wanting her off and away from me. Then the weight on me disappeared, and when I opened my eyes, she was gone. I thought that perhaps it was a dream, but the mattress I was sleeping on was soaking wet…

After that, we gathered everyone who went to the campgrounds and held an emergency meeting. We came up with every idea we could think of to get rid of the ghost, and over a period of several months did our best to get rid of the woman. I don’t know whether it worked or not, but in the end she stopped appearing at his house.

We don’t know which method it was that got rid of her, and we still haven’t confirmed for sure that’s she’s fully gone, but whenever I remember seeing her standing over me that night, I get chills down my spine all over again.

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