When I finally started university and began living alone, it was like a dream come true. Finally, freedom! …But there was just one thing that bothered me. After three months had passed, I still hadn’t seen my neighbour, even though the real estate told me someone lived there. It was kinda creepy…

What made it even creepier was that at 3 a.m. every single night I could hear the sounds of a woman laughing, kinda like she was being crushed to death. Maybe a dangerous woman lived there?

But then one day, I was home sick from school and the real estate was showing a new tenant around, so I took the opportunity to ask him about who lived next door.

“Ah, it’s a man around the same age as you. Doesn’t he go to the same university? I think he’s home now,” he said, so I decided to go and introduce myself.

“Hi, I live next door and…”

“Yeah? What’s up?”

A regular man opened the door.

“Oh, no, I moved in next door, but we haven’t seen each other once so I thought that… And the real estate mentioned that you go to the same university as me, so I…”

“Ah, you’re from OO University? Nice to meet you! I’m always working late at my bar job, so I’m not really here much.”

Ah, so that was why, haha. We quickly fell into an easy conversation.

“Oh that note, sometimes I can hear a woman’s voice coming from your room…”

“Ah, my girlfriend often works part-time with me, so if our shifts meet up she usually comes back here with me after work.”

He had a girlfriend? How nice. I wished I had one…

“Ah, is that so? Well, please say hello to her for me.”

“If you want, next time you should come over and have a few drinks with us. Bring your girlfriend over too!”

Dammit. I didn’t have a girlfriend…



The man hears a woman’s laughter at 3 a.m. each and every night. But his neighbour’s girlfriend only comes over occasionally, and the neighbour mentions that next time he should “bring his girlfriend too.” The narrator doesn’t have a girlfriend, but his neighbour clearly thinks he does, meaning, he’s hearing the same woman’s laughter. If they’re both hearing it on either side, then that means… The woman is in the walls…

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