You’ve heard of hoarders, right? People who let trash build up in their house without cleaning. Well, I’m one of those people. For me, it all started with one rather large piece of rubbish. Other rubbish kind of just built up over that, and next thing I knew, I was living in a trash house.

The neighbours made a fuss over it about two months after all the garbage started piling up. The house was nothing but rubbish. People often complained as the neighbourhood association meetings, and would yell from outside my house.

The other day a TV reporter even showed up. They interviewed my neighbours who went off saying whatever the hell they wanted. They claimed I was drowning in debt and that my wife left me, which drove me mad! Not a single one of them understands how I really feel. How dare they.

But one event made my house known countrywide. That’s right. My house caught on fire. I wasn’t home at the time so I was fine, but the entire place burnt down to the ground. People said all the garbage in the house must have spontaneously combusted, but nobody was willing to do a proper investigation. Not that I can really complain, I know that people hate me and it really was nothing but rubbish, so… On the contrary, that was actually much better for me.

Thanks to the house burning down, I took the opportunity to find a new, much smaller apartment, and start over. Start afresh. A brand new life. Of course, I have no plans to start letting rubbish pile up again.

I wonder if all the other trash houses out there are the same?



“It all started with one rather large piece of rubbish.” Later in the story, the narrator mentions that people have been talking about his wife running away. She didn’t run away. She was still in the house. His first “piece of garbage.” Then that rubbish kept on piling. People were constantly complaining and yelling, so he killed them and added them to the pile. As he was about to get discovered (thanks to the TV reporter) he purposefully set everything on fire to hide the evidence and then moved away scot-free.

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