Memorial Stone at Shinjuku Station

It’s said that the JR Chuo Line in Tokyo has a lot of traffic accidents that result in deaths each and every year. And, it’s said, that in areas that see a particularly large number of deaths, memorial stones are placed in areas the public can’t see. One of those places is JR Shinjuku Station. The surveillance cameras have caught many such accidents on tape over the years. One particular accident that was caught on camera saw someone stumble forward as though they had been pushed from behind. The person fell onto the tracks and was then hit by a train.

Was this the work of some unseen power? Rumours state that to sooth this unknown and invisible “something,” a memorial stone was placed in the station dedicated to those who have lost their lives on the tracks. According to staff who work at the station, the rumours that a memorial stone exists somewhere within the station is true, but they deny that “something” exists that pushes people onto the tracks. The memorial stone is apparently dedicated to those involved in construction of the station who died in accidental deaths when the station was renovated and repaired in 1936.

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