This is My Apartment

This happened when I was living alone in Tokyo. I’d just moved there to look for work, and I lived in a tiny rental apartment on the second floor. The apartment building was in the middle of the residential area, but after a short walk you could reach the main street with lots of restaurants and convenience stores. When the real estate showed me it, I fell in love instantly, and I signed that contract that very same day.

It all happened about two months after I moved in. It was a weekend night, and I was at home watching TV when I heard the sound of a key rattling around at my front door.

‘A thief?’ was the first thought that came to mind. I quickly turned the TV down and pretended not to be home. Thankfully, the door was locked and the chain was also on, so if it was a random thief, they should give up quickly and move on.

But against my hopes, the person didn’t leave. They continued rattling the handle, and then started yanking on it as hard as they could. It was a little brazen to be a thief, and a little rude to be banging on someone’s door so loudly as well. The person wasn’t right in the head.

“Who’s there? Stop banging on the door!”

Unable to stand it any longer, I called out, and for a moment the sounds stopped. Then the rattling started again.

“Stop it! I’m calling the police!”

“Open up! This is my apartment!”

“Huh? Who are you? You’ve got the wrong room.”

“Open up! This is my apartment! My apartment!”

It was a man. He didn’t sound irritated as much as he sounded confused. He kept repeating “this is my apartment” while yanking on the door handle. The sound got louder, and then I heard what sounded like something solid scratching on the door.

I panicked. For the last two months I’d paid rent and everything on this room, it was my apartment. I’d been to see the landlord who lived nearby, so there was no mistake about it.

“This is my apartment!” I screamed. “If you don’t leave right now, I’m going to call the police!”

Finally the banging stopped, and it seemed like the person on the other side of the door left. I was relieved that it was quiet again, but I continued listening closely, trying to confirm whether the person really did leave or not.

Five minutes passed, and after confirming that the guy was gone, I nervously approached the door and looked through the peep hole…

An intense smell permeated through the door. It smelled just like human waste! The smell of shit was coming through the other side of the door!

I snapped. I called my boyfriend in tears and told him to come over right away. At first he hesitated, but he soon realised that I wasn’t joking and quickly came over.

Thankfully he only lived a 10 minute drive away. I stared out the window in a daze, when finally I saw his car pull in, and then the buzzer rang. I confirmed it was him through both the intercom and the peep hole. No doubt about it. It was my boyfriend. I nervously opened the door.

“I’m here, but… what’s this? What the hell happened to your door…?”

I looked outside at the door… I had no words for the terrible sight before me.

Faeces had been smeared all over the door, and it was covered in scratches. The area around the doorknob was the worst, and it looked like something hard had been shoved into the keyhole. In the end, we called the police and notified the landlord, and there was quite a large fuss over it.

I moved out not long after. I really liked the apartment and didn’t want to move, but amongst all the mess on the door, I noticed something had been carved into it, and it sent shivers down my spine.

The scratches spelt out something.

This Is My Apartment

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