urban legends

The Mother’s Charm

A poor mother and child did their best to get by. They were friendly, but had little money. The mother worked hard to raise her daughter, doing her best to send her to university while the daughter helped around the house alongside her study. When it came time to take her university tests, the mother gave her a handmade present. It was a charm.

“Do your best. This is a charm from me,” her mother said.

“Thank you. I’ll look after it.”

“Be careful. It you open it, it’ll no longer protect you.”

The daughter was grateful from the bottom of her heart. She got into university, studied heart, and after she graduated, found work.

With her first salary, she decided to take her mother on a trip to say thank you. But her beloved mother suffered a terrible accident while they were on holiday and passed away.

Suddenly alone, the sad daughter didn’t have a single thing to remember her mother by. Then she remembered the charm her mother had given her. She forgot all about her mother telling her not to open it, and tore it apart.

Inside she found a scrap of paper which said:

My life would have been so much easier if you had never been born. And now you want to go to university… You should just die. Die die die die die.

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