Looking at the Mirror at Midnight

They say that if you hold a mirror facing another mirror at midnight, then you’ll be able to see a ghost in the reflection. It’s not just any ghost, however, but your guardian spirit.

Mirrors have long held strange powers, and have at times even been worshipped. Even today, Feng Shui claims that mirrors possess incredible powers, and can reflect both good and bad energy. As the date changes, this time period also becomes a juncture for the dead. By combining their strong feelings with the power of the mirror, they say you’ll be able to see the usually invisible guardian that protects you.

You have only 60 seconds to do this, starting from midnight precisely. Once you see them, if you remain unafraid and concentrate your gaze, they will speak to you. You have but 60 seconds to ask them what’s on your mind, whether it be about the future, your troubles or your worries. Your guardian will answer truthfully and ease your mind.

However, if you become fearful once you see your guardian, they will decide that you are not yet ready to talk to them, and they will not approach.

If you have questions you need answered, why not grab some mirrors and wait for midnight to try it?

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