Mystery Person Caught in Abandoned Japanese Village in Google Maps

You often hear about the strange and mysterious things people find on Google Maps, and Japan is no different. If you’ve read Reikan: The most haunted locations in Japan, you’ll no doubt know that Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture is well known for its large variety of ghost spots. It seems that even on Google Maps, Japanese viewers found something a little out of the ordinary. Take a look and see if you can find it for yourself first. Something that the Google AI seems to think is a human face and has gone to the trouble of blurring…


Did you find it? Look closer.


See it yet?

There it is… Admittedly, that is kinda creepy. It really does look like a human face behind the closed door of an abandoned building with no way in or out. What is it really? Someone playing a trick right as Google happened to walk by? A squatter? A ghost? Google’s AI confused by something behind the hole in the door? No one can seem to come to a consensus, but everyone agrees on one thing: it sure is creepy.

What do you think? A ghost, a person playing a trick, or something else entirely? Let me know in the comments below!

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