The Duration of a Ghost’s Existence

Most ghost sightings in Japan involve fallen soldiers, and you almost never hear of ghosts from older periods. The reason for that is because ghosts also have a life span, and that life span is 400 to 500 years.

They say that humans are reincarnated once every century. Ghosts have fallen out of this cycle. They linger in this world for centuries, but even they have a limit, and it’s around 400 years.

Nations tend to go through periods of strife and periods of stability every 400 to 500 years. Coincidence? These lost souls, in order to be reincarnated, also effect the building of new eras in our world. During periods of stability they cause chaos, and during periods of chaos they bring about stability. If we look at Japan’s history:

  • 300 saw Japan begin unification, and for 400 years saw a country in chaos.
  • 700 saw the beginning of the Taika Reform, and for 500 years there was stability.
  • 1200 saw the beginning of the Warring States period, and for 400 years there was chaos.
  • 1600 saw the beginning of the Tokugawa family’s reign, and this was followed by stability.

This means that soon, another change is coming, and Japan is about to enter another period of chaos.

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