The Superhumanly Strong Ghost

By Asaka Yamai (????-????), Shifu Goroku

There was a village by the name of Mikogahara, located in the valley of Iiyama in Noto Province. There, the wife of a farmer had scales under both her arms. Her breasts drooped incredibly, stretching out more than 30 centimetres in length. When carrying a child on her back, she could sling a breast over her shoulder to feed it.

She possessed an immense strength, carrying out work equal to that of four or five grown men. Yet one day she fell ill, and on the seventh day of her illness she became a ghost, returning to kill her husband. After her death she continued to appear in the village at will, terrifying the women and children.

There was a man from her village by the name of Sakuzou. He heard that if there was a hole in the grave of a dead person, that person would reappear as a ghost.

‘I wonder if there’s a hole in her grave?’ he thought. ‘I must check.’ He went to visit her grave with the monk who performed her funeral, and just like he thought, they discovered a hole.

They attempted to fill the hole with wood, but it was so deep that they couldn’t fill it. They couldn’t just leave it like that, so they gathered the other villages and filled the hole with dirt, trees, whatever they could find, and finally, the hole was filled.

That night, the ghost visited Sakuzou and tormented him. He had heard that the next village over was in possession of a famous sword that warded against evil, so he borrowed it and the ghostly visits stopped. He returned the sword a month later, and the woman’s ghost returned.

One day, as Sakuzou was returning from the mountain with firewood, something pulled him from behind.

‘That ghost again?’ he thought. As he went to turn around something grabbed him and tossed him into the valley below. He tumbled all the way to the bottom where he passed out.

After that, the ghost disappeared. She probably thought that Sakuzou was dead, but thankfully, he was okay, and is still alive even now. I heard this story from the man himself.

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