Sandpit Woman

This legend was popular in the north of Kyushu during the early 1980s.

If you were sitting alone on a park bench, there were times where you might suddenly find yourself alone, the entire park empty other than yourself. At such times, you had to head straight for the exit, as fast as you could. You couldn’t look around. If you did, you would hear the sound of footsteps in the sand.

Instinctively, you would turn to the sandpit to see who it was. There you would see a woman in a grey coat, her back turned to you as she crouched in the sand. This woman would be frantically digging something. You wouldn’t be able to tear your eyes away from her.

She would stand up and start walking. You would follow. Here, you had a choice.

If you went to the woman, she would bury you alive. If you went past the woman, to the other side of the sandpit, then you would be free of her grip, but you had to make a lap of the park before you could leave. The woman would chase you the entire time. Under no circumstances could you turn around to look at her. If you could complete the lap, you would be free to go.

And this is the tale of the Sandpit Woman.

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