There is a mysterious figure they call Koito-san, and they say you will only see this figure twice in your lifetime. The reason for that is because the second time you see them, you will die.

If you don’t wish to die before your time, then you need to do whatever you can to make sure you don’t run into Koito-san the first time. If you do, you will recognise them immediately, however. Koito-san will look exactly the same as you.

There are omens you can look out for that signify Koito-san is near.

First, all of your five yen coins will mysteriously disappear.

Second, if you have pets, they will die within two months.

Third, and most dangerous, a hole will develop in the ring finger of your left hand, from which blood will drip out.

If these things happen, there is a way to avoid Koito-san. You must make sure you’re never alone. When you’re at home, when you’re in the toilet, when you’re on your way to or from work, you must never be alone.

If you do happen to run into someone who looks just like you, never fear. It’s not all over… yet. But keep in mind that the next time you run into Koito-san, it will be your last…

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