You Haven’t Noticed Yet?

A group of four university students were playing mahjong late one night. Suddenly they heard an angry voice screaming at them, echoing throughout the room.

“Shut up! Don’t you know what time it is?!”

The students looked out the window and saw a bright red face looking back at them. Surprised, they quickly apologised.

“Oh. Well then, so long as you understand, then that’s fine. Just be a little quieter,” the man said, and then took his leave.

But the students couldn’t calm down. Yes, they were at fault, but the man’s sudden appearance was so shocking that it forced them to apologise on the spot. They were unable to return to their former cheerful mood after being suddenly yelled at.

“What the hell was with him?” one guy said.

“He was the noisy one,” said another.

Only one of the students remained silent while the rest of his friends badmouthed the old man, his face pale.

“What’s wrong?” they asked him. His voice shook.

“You haven’t noticed yet? We’re… on the second floor, right?”

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