Yellow Parka

One day, I went to visit my friend who lived downtown. The building he lived in had a shared toilet on the first floor, and his room was at the end.

We drank in his room until morning, and then I needed to go to the toilet. The toilets were creepy, but I went over anyway. When I was done, I saw a young boy in a yellow parka looking around restlessly. “Good morning!” he screamed in a loud voice. “Good morning…” I replied and went back to my friend’s room.

A few minutes later, my friend went to the toilet as well. “A kid said hello to me in the toilets,” he said, informing me that he said hello back as well.

A short while after I fell asleep, my friend woke me up. “Hey! Check it out! Look!” The news was on. The headline said “Slasher in Broad Daylight!”

According to an old lady who had seen the slasher, it was a young boy in a yellow parka. When he was caught and questioned, the boy said “I said hello but I didn’t get a reply, so I stabbed them.”


This one is fairly obvious, because it’s spelt out in the text. The boy in the yellow parka was saying hello to people, and if they didn’t say hello back, he stabbed them. Both the protagonist and his friend replied to him, if mindlessly, so they were fine. If they hadn’t, then…

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