The Tunnels Taxis Won’t Go Through

Amongst both privately owned and corporate taxis, there are three tunnels in Tokyo that all are unable to go through. The reason is because the light on top of their cars is too large, and the roof of the tunnels is too low to pass through. If so, then they could just remove their lights and go through, you might be thinking. But there’s a reason they don’t.

There is a strange tunnel in Adachi Ward that, whenever a taxi passes through it, gets robbed or otherwise has problems with its passenger. It was never featured on the news, but sometimes taxis disappeared entirely when passing through the tunnel.

There was so many complaints and problems that the drivers decided it would be better if they never passed through the tunnel at all. As a result, they consulted with the union and they agreed to make the lights on top of the taxis bigger, so they would physically be unable to pass through.

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